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Dental Abscess, Day 5...

It's Day 5 and I'm wondering if I'm on the right track here, or If I should call my dentist again.

Around Monday last week I started having some dental pain, upper left side. Around Thursday, it was absolutely unbearable to stand. I went into the Dentist Friday and was prescribed Clarithromycin 500MG every 12hrs for 1 week.

I've got 9 pills, soon to be 8, left. I've been taking a ton of pain killers,using cold packs, and warm water plus salt rinsing.

Today I feel a little better, but still not even close to 100%

I have a decent size pocket forming on the outside of my gum now...why is that? My abscess was located in the root of the tooth, with no pocket. My face still hurts alot too. My cheek bone on the left side a slightly swollen and it does hurt.

The tooth itself seems to be the only thing better...it's not as sensitive and isn't throbbing as hard.

I'm afraid that this thing is still brewing ...possibly spreading....

I have a heart problem, so I'm worrying about it spreading to my heart...and or brain.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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