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Dental filling

I had 2 fillings replace in March 2010.  One week later I've developed pain in my both jaws.  I went back and the dentist precribed antibiotics, painkillers and a mouthwash which help a bit.  Another two weeks later I develop minor pains around the tooth with the fillings.  I again went back to the dentist on Tuesday where he only clean the teeth and promised that the pain will go away but know its worst than before.  I even experience swolling on my checks.

The pain is of the entire mounth to the ear.

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If you have had your teeth xrayed and they see no active infection, the pain may be caused by the filling being a bit high and causing you to clench your teeth.  

It could also be that the dentin has become exposed a bit from gum recession (normal as we age).  If that is the case, get some Sensodyne toothpaste and brush your teeth with it twice daily.  Be sure to also floss.  You can also rub some of the paste right on your gums.  The toothpaste contains an ingredient that will help block painful sensations from reaching the nerve in your tooth.
It does take a couple of weeks to work though.  

If you clench, try a mouth guard at night.  If it's gum recession, get the toothpaste.

I hope this will help.  Let us know how you are doing.

My best to you,
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I also have this Mysterious Pain in the Jaw???  I only had a filling???  Is it an infection?  I've seen two or three dentists/doctors and nobody can figure it out...

The pain is INTENSE!

Need help... Please.. please.. please.

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Seeing an endodontist and periodontist to evaluate pulpal and periodontal status is advised. If there is no evidence of pulpal and periodontal infection, seeing an occlusionist or prosthodontist to adjust occlusion is advised.
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