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Do not know why my gums are peeling

This started a month ago. How it began was I had a bump inside my cheek. I tried to pop it. I ended up causing another part of my cheek to swell up and it rubbed against a the top of some back teeth. I noticed that a Tooth felt like something was stuck in it so I rubbed it with my tongue for three days. After doing that I noticed that food would get stuck where I was rubbing.  My gums then started peeling. About 14 days after it started I went to the dentist to have a Tooth pulled. She glanced at my gums and said they looked healthy. She recommended I change my toothpaste to non whitening. So for about two weeks in using non whitening. I am still peeling. About three days ago I started using mouth wash. What is weird it is like my gums heal then peel them heal again. I do notice some improvement because food isn't getting stuck as much in the above mentioned  area. Anyway my gums peeled again and my jaw is aching from it. I really wonder if I somehow traumatized my mouth. I am having a hard time finding info similar to what I am experiencing.
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