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Ear pain 2+ weeks after wisdom teeth surgery

On 3/18 I had 2 wisdom teeth taken out (upper and lower on right side). Today is 4/3, and while a cleaning of the lower socket and frequent washes w/ Peridex and salt water have helped the jaw pain out somewhat, I still have pain behind (under the lobe) of my right ear. The funny thing is that it comes in waves. Sometimes it's only a 1 or 2 out of 10 in pain intensity; other times it's bad enough to where I don't want to get up from lying on my bed holding the side of my head. As for where the upper tooth was taken out, the socket is almost totally healed over and I'm having no problem with the upper one.

* The extraction itself on the upper was also a lot easier than the lower. If it matters, both teeth were broken off at the gum line so the oral surgeon had to break what was left then go in after the pieces. A couple times he wasn't sure he got the entire lower out, so he kept fishing around trying to make sure he got it all. After taking a panoramic x-ray he was satisfied that he got it all out, but I wonder if all the excess digging around maybe made the existing nerve more susceptible to problems and hence I'm having issues now. He spent over 1/2 hour on the bottom tooth whereas the top came out in about 5 minutes. *

I saw my dentist on 3/29; she said things were healing ok and that I should continue flushing out the lower socket w/ the Peridex and salt water combination. Since it appears that there's nothing wrong with the area healing, what can I do to alleviate the pain? I was prescribed Ibuprofen (600mg q-4 hours). That script is finished. That did nothing except bother my stomach (which is why I'm not supposed to take it usually, but I figured a short course would be ok). I was also given Vicodin (5/500mg q-4 to 6 hours PRN) but that didn't do much, so I stopped taking it after a week. Taking these 2 meds in a staggering fashion didn't help me.

Basically I'm looking for non-pill-taking advice on what I can do to help myself, and when I should consider seeing my dentist again if my ear still hurts. Would icing the area or heating the area be more beneficial (or does that depend on the person)? Are there any pressure points in the area I can use to help? I've been trying ice and heat at different times with inconsistent results. I've been trying to find different places to press or massage, and again, inconsistent results. Basically I'm trying to not do more harm.

Thanks in advance for any help. I tried to be as descriptive as I could thinking any info given could help. :)

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