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New Crown pains

I had a crown placed about 2 weeks ago on tooth #4 as it had cracked.

It was fine for a few days after I went back for a high bite adjustment but now its sensitive to cold(only a few seconds) and hurts periodically along with the neighboring teeth - both upper and lower.

The dentist said that this is from grinding my teeth but if I have been grinding all along wouldn't these symptoms of pain and sensitivity to cold have been present prior to the crown being placed?

I'm curious if I need to look at a bite adjustment again or what could be causing this discomfort. I'm just not sold on the grinding my teeth theory.

Should I wait a period of time to see if this resolves itself, if so how long and should I seek a 2nd opinion?

It seems to be slowly getting better as I started brushing with sensodyne and taking ibuprofen to calm the discomfort.

Please help

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A second opinion is always a good idea if you are not getting the answers or results you want.

Grinding only indirectly causes sensitivity to cold.  If you clench or grind, you put pressure on the teeth that causes them to flex near the gumline.  Constant flexing will cause the enamel to crack and eventually break off, creating a wedge shaped ledge or gap.  The enamel is what insulates your teeth, and losing it will create sensitivity to cold.  This can be fixed with surface fillings along the gumline.  If your dentist noticed this, he should have explained it and given you the option of treating it.
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The only option I was given was having a mouth gaurd made for $550 - sounded expensive to me but I am clueless as up until now my teeth have never had issues.

I should also mention the crack in the crowned tooth was in the center so it doesnt seem that this was done by grinding?

I was almost better off with the tooth being cracked - less issues and trouble - urgghhh!!
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Prices vary a lot based on location and cost of living, I am not sure how FL compares to TX.  Nightguards are very useful if done correctly.

A crack in the center of the biting surface is normal, but since it is crowned, those cracks would have been removed.

Either way, if your symptoms are improving, you should be fine.  However, if they get worse, you should check with your dentist again or get a second opinion.
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you can get a mouth guard at walgreens for $25... its plastic, you drop in boiling water and then place in your mouth, close your lips and suck ( so it forms to your teeth) let it cool and it will stay that way.... it really works well...and not expensive. i also grind my teeth badly at night and this had helped VERY much....
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Just a follow up for thought to help anyone else with a similar situation.

I went back to the dentist today and actually it was the tooth in front of the crown that was hitting the bottom tooth causing the pain.

Dentist made slight adjustment and hopefully the symptoms will subside in the next few days.

If not he recommended a mouth guard to help with teeth grinding.

Hopefully I wont have to resort to a mouth guard as I can't see this being a comfortable thing to try and sleep with!!
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A cheap store nightguard may not be very comfortable, and can do more harm than good.  Most dentists will make you a custom acrylic nightguard, and they can be made with a soft inner liner that makes them quite comfortable to wear.  I had one for years and within a few weeks I got so used to it, that it became hard to sleep without it in.

I tried the soft and storebought ones, and they just made my grinding problem worse, which I did not discover until I got a custom nightguard, huge difference!
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I called my old dentist (not the one who did the crown) and explained everything - He called in a script for Flexeril as he wants to see if this is a temp thing due to stress.

Last night was the 1st night I took one and woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing pain - I dont think it was from the meds as I could tell this was starting to become an issue.  Now I'm less sensitive to cold but hot seems to still be bad.

I'm wondering if bruxism could be the issue at all - are these symptoms fitting for that of bruxism?

I guess I will have to make the 4hr trip to see my old dentist if this doesn't show improvement in the next few days..

Funny how my teeth were all fine up until this damed crown...
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Last night was hell again - the pain comes on quickly for about 20-35min or so then it calms down.

I dont think this is from grinding/clinching at all as this happens the same during the day.

Could this be from wisdom teeth pushing, allergies, sinus? Im at a loss here.

Is it possible the new crown has something to do with all of this, as I said before I have never had issues like this until this crown..

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If the pain is more in your cheek than jaw, it could be sinus issues, which an antibiotic will help with.

Not likely wisdom teeth or allergies with your symptoms.

Sharp, spontaneous pain, especially with major cold sensitivity would indicate damage to the nerve, which a root canal would fix.

Dull aching pain is more likely an occlusion problem, or sinus issues.

It is near impossible to diagnose without seeing you, so I would suggest you get a second opinion.  The crown could be the cause, or it could just be coincidence.  
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I went to another dentist - He took x-rays and the only thing he found was a cavity in my top right wisdom tooth. He also tested me with a cold swab on my teeth as well as tapped on each tooth, both had no adverse effects.

He didn't think the cavity would cause the periodic pain and since the pain seems to be subsiding he said to monitor it and come back if it doesn't go away within a week.

He also mentioned that clenching at night could be the cause of the pain...Didint sound really sure overall.

It feels likes it getting better as time goes on...

After 2 different dentist observing the issue and neither with a distinct answer I guess I can only hope for the pain to vansih on its own..
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I am not a dentist, I'm a hygienist, but from my experience, you may want to give the crown a month or so to settle down before you do anything expensive or drastic.  I see so many people with crowns being super sensitive after having them placed and its from the tooth being dried bone dry, while placing the crown.  The tooth usually settles down within 3 months (long time I know).  An acrylic night guard would probably benefit you.  It does sound like you need a guard and I don't recommend the cheapo OTC ones as they will cause more damage in the long run with it not being fitted properly (with your teeth and TMJ).

If this is something that is waking you up at night, I would probably even get a 3rd opinion from another dentist, maybe even from an endodontist for a consult.

Another treatment you might want to try, before you do anything, is topical fluoride.  Go to your local pharmacy and ask for a tube of Gelcam or whatever brand fluoride gel that they have and follow the instructions on the bottle.  It used to be prescription but its OTC now, but kept behind the counter.

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I just read that it woke up up at night once.  If it keeps waking you up at night, its not normal and sounds like you need to see an endodontist.  If its truly getting better and you aren't waking up anymore, wait it out.  Could just be trauma from getting the crown.
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The pain was waking me up in the middle of the night now its just early morning & seems to be getting better - I was fine for most of the day today and it just fired itself up again for about an hr - the pain seems to be moving around but is mostly on the side where the crown was placed (upper and lower).

The dentist wrote a script for amoxicilin and some other type of pain pills - currently I am taking darvocet but it doesn't seem to be doing much. I'm thinking I will pick up the script tomorrow and try a round of the antibiotics.

The crown was placed DEC 28th - its almost a month now and I haven't been the same since. I never had any dental issues prior to this and its been a month of hell thus far.

Would I be wise to wait a week, seek out yet another opinion or go right to an endo?

Urghhhhhhhh :)


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If it were my tooth, i would go to an endodontist.
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I started the antibiotics yesterday and had no real pain to speak of - A little later that night but it soon subsided.

I managed to sleep very well and didn't wake up from pain which was a relief.

Today around 3ish the pain started to come on again - If I hold cold water on the left side where the pain is - it takes it away for a while until it decides to come back. I don't think its quite as bad as it was.

Since I have shown progress until just a few hrs ago - do you think I should wait a day or 2 more to see if improvement continues or should I just try and find an endo?

Problem is I am in a rural area currently and there is only one endo within 30mi radius.
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As I was reading thread- my teeth hurts... no seriousl I can just imagine the pain. There is nothing worse than a toothache. I hope you willbe OK :)
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I would probably see the endo.  The pain is not normal and it could indicate something serious.  I think you probably aught to get a specialist to take a look at the roots on that tooth.  It takes a couple days for the antibiotic to work so if you want to wait and see you can, but if its any long than 3-4 days, I think it needs looked at.  Or if the pain comes back after you finish the round, then go.  The way you describe it sounds like its way worse than just an "upset" tooth from being messed with.
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If by chance this has something to do with my wisdom teeth can an endo pull them?

This is my 1st expierence with dental work as I have never had an issue with my teeth prior :(
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I had and am having the same issue as you. I went to the dds 7 months ago cus i was having pain in my upper #5 premolar. she did a medicated filling cus i had cracked the filing and the tooth but nothing major. she then did the crown build up and put on the temp crown, and boy oh boy i was so happy NO PAIN...then it all went down hill. The day i got the permant crown on was the beginning of my months long nightmare. i went in 6 times to have the bite adjusted cus the tooth killed me when i bit on it and shed say "give it more time, the nerve was brused"...after 6 trips in I say a diff dds who said "whoa the filing is sitting on the nerve, you need a rot canal",

Ive had 3 so they dont bother me cus i know once ya have a root canal pain in that tooth goes buh bye for good. So I had the root canal through the crown and it still hurt. A week after the root canal i was back to my new dds in the worst pain id ever been in. He said from the xrays the root canal looked perfect but becasue i had a knot in my cheek he put me on penicillin and methypredinsolone (steriod pack). I was on that for a week until last friday the 22nd. the week i was on the meds is the only time ive felt decent. went off the meds on the 22nd and by the 24th i was breaking out in hives terribly. I have no food or product allergies. my tooth also hurts to the otuch and theres alot of pressure always in it, more so when i lean forward or lay on that side.Ive ran a low grade fever as well. I called the dds again today and he sai dthe pain is normal and will heal on its won and he doesnt know why im having efever or hives. I googles and ive read an abcess can casue hives due to the bodys reaction to the bacteria.

I feel like im going crazy cus the dds says 'its normal" but i never had issue with my other rot canals, the pain was gone once the root canal was done, not still presistant weeks later. I suspect i have an abcess due to a failed root canal. I dont have dental insurance but yet Im not taking no for an answer. we are the ones who know our bodues and whats normal or not. Im calling an endonist tomorrow to get a 3rd opnion with somone who is a specialist. who knows you might need a root canal done in the tooth with a crown on it, thats what happened to me...and if youve got an infection like i think you probably do, dont take no for an answer call and do the drive to an ando, itll be worth it.
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I'm sorry to hear about the issues your are having - are stories are similar.

I am sitting here in debate of calling an endo as well.

Please let me know what transpires when you see the endo.

I hope you feel better soon!!!


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Just got back from the dentist that did the crown - He did a lot more testing than the other 2 dentist.

He put in a local anaesthetic to numb the crowned tooth - It looks like that a root canal through the crown will take care of the prob. I came home to give it a work out with hot food which normally sets off the bottom teeth and nothing happened.

Now that the crowned tooth is numb - Looks like ill be going back for a root canal today.  

Another $640 :(

Damed teeth!!!
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Root Canal Done - pain is gone other than the numbness all the way up into my nose.

Corssing my fingers this is the end!!
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well i see my new endo on weds...come on time go by fast!!! well im glad your pain is gone gone gone! hopefully that did the trick. I really hope the evalutaion finds something. then I can relax and say HA! I KNEW I WASNT PARANOID. im just listening to my vody on this one. i think i either have a cracked tooth which happened during the root canal (i heard a weird crunch as he was filling it with the gutta percha at the end) or i have an abcess still there! either way i just want this resolved and no mas pain!
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So far so good with me. I now have a tooth that cost me almost $2k - between the crown $1,100 and the root canal $710...Its well worth being pain free even if it seems a bit high priced.

I hope everything goes well with you. I was wondering if you had got in to see the endo yet.

Im sure the endo will be abel to solve your pains!!

All the best!!

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