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Ongoing tooth pain for months, pain after root canal

Around 3 months ago I visited the dentist after not going in too many years. I was told I needed fillings and had gum disease, for which I got a clean and prescribed mouthwash/special toothpaste. The gum disease went down however after getting a filling on the lower right side of my mouth, I had unbearable pain for a week. The dentist said it was quite a deep filling close to the nerve but hopefully wouldn't need a root canal. I went back to the dentist and was told the filling had stirred up my wisdom teeth which was why I had pain. I had three wisdom teeth removed a couple weeks later. The wisdom tooth that was causing pain and had been stirred up then developed a dry socket. The dry socket lasted around 5 weeks, the whole time was incredibly painful. I didn't realise it had healed because I was still in very bad pain, so went back to a dentist. They told me as it had healed the pain was probably coming from the adjacent tooth, so today I had a root canal done on that tooth (the first stage, the second will be in a few days). It has continued to be incredibly painful, almost more so, since (no improvement at all). He said it was quite inflamed. I grind my teeth, could that have something to do with it? I have now been on amoxicillyn with other antibiotics on and off for about 5 weeks so I don't know how I could have infection. How could I still be in this much pain? It has been exhausting.
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Your descriptions doesn’t justify whether your toothache was odontogenic or not. If your pain persists after completion of root canal treatment, non-odontogenic toothache should be considered, which is best evaluated and managed by orofacial pain specialist. In the mean time, trial of Tylenol plus Advil together around the clock may help alleviate your pain significantly, if not working, seeing a pain specialist is advised.
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