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Pain in gum / front tooth after crown failed

I snapped my front tooth when I was about 14 and had to wait until I was 17 to get it crowned, but about 6 months ago, 7 years after my tooth getting my tooth crowned, my original tooth (only one third) and crown snapped completely off. A metal post was put in my my mouth to secure my tooth as a temporary measure (which should last 2-3 years) before I have to get an implant. The last few days my front tooth has been sensitive and painful, which is weird because all the nerves have been dead for about 9 years, I have had hundreds of hours at the dentist getting bridge work, a root canal and getting it capped 20 or so times. Now this morning my gums are very sensitive and I have a swollen lip and it is uncomfortable to touch or eat with my front tooth.
I am currently overseas in a non English speaking country and I was wondering if I should consult a dentist immediately or I get to the UK in 10 days, am I able to wait out the discomfort until then? Providing it doesn't cause any serious dental problems...'
Thankyou for any help and assistance
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Sounds like your tooth might be abcessing, even though roots are dead, tooth would be the source of infection so with it still there you can still get an abcess, which would need antibiotics, unfortanenly if I'm right, the pain will more then likley get worse.. Sorry and good luck..
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