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Post-root canal condition

Yesterday I had a root canal on my top right incisor. The tooth had apprently died and had been giving me pain and mild swelling (particularly a 'bump' on my gum that made it feel like i had a constant air bubble trapped in my top lip), as an infection had taken hold and an abscess had formed at the tooth root (which, via x-ray, was shown to be the cause of the bump on the gums). Anyway, the root canal seemed to go ok, the tooth was drilled into, the insides removed and filed down, and pressure put on the abscess from the outside in order to remove the puss from the abscess via the canal. The hole was then cleaned, filled with medication and sealed temporatrily, and I go back next week to have the permanent fill applied. Once the anaesthetic wore off I was in moderate pain but after about an hour it subsided and the tooth felt fantastic compared to how it had felt.
So I woke up this morning and had some soft swelling under my right eye, which didn't look too hot but I figured it was just to do with the invasive nature of the surgery. This subsided after a few hours. Anyway now, about a day after the surgery was completed, the bump on my gum seems to have returned and feels exactly the same as it did before the root canal (the 'air bubble' sensation) and I am concerned, as this area was drained yesterday. I am wondering if the new bump is the returning infection causing another abscess (or is it too soon for the abscess to return in such a way?), or if it is simply more swelling as a result of the procedure. The tooth is still mildly sensitive to pressure towards the gum, but this is to be exected I imagine.
Any informed opinions are welcome, as well as any similar experiences. Thanks!
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It appears that you are having a post obturation flare up, which is not unusual for your condition. The flare up tends to subside within 72 hours. As long as the canal is optimally debrided and obturated, healing of periapical lesion is generally good. However, follow-up exam is generally required. If the swelling doesn't subside in the following 72 hours, going back to your endodontist is advised.
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