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Swelling Under Chin

I am a young woman who has undergone a wealth of root canals, extractions, etc. Diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, I can spend every week at the dentist or endo (or both) during flare-ups and in general I know my recovery time is often double the norm. All that being said: I am becoming extremely concerned and alarmed about one particular (new to me) symptom.

Had a root canal one week ago today, there was a bad bone infection, antibiotic was placed into the bone to help. Put on Amox (allergic to Cleocin, Augmentin etc.) 875 every 8 hrs. Developed an abscess after treatment which lasted for a few days, peaking roughly 4 days after root canal.

The swelling is slowly subsiding but the pain is still horrendous and I continue to feel generally sick (haven't been able to go back to work).  Now that my face isn't unrecognizable, I can clearly see a bump or swelling underneath my chin that is tender to the touch. It has not extended any lower than below the chin and overall things seem to be improving.

But the holiday weekend is upon us and my endo is going out of town. I am extremely nervous about this hardened bump and fear it spreading.

Do I have reason for concern? Is this a normal part of recovery? Please advise.
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