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Tooth with cavity, Just cracked!

I am in weird situation. First let me start with covering my medical problems.

I was born with aortic stenosis, and aortic regurgitation. I am 21 now, and it has remained mild. I suffer from severe panic disorder, agoraphobia, hypochondriasis, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which doctors seem to think, is from being born with my congenital heart defect.

I recently went to the dentist, after being in pain for a few days. I had pain in one of my top left molars, where I once had a filling, when I was around 11. At the dentist, they took X-Rays, and said I need a root canal, and a bunch of other fillings to prevent any more damage to my other teeth.

Unfortunately, I recently switched my anti-depressant medication, so I am in a horrible point in my life. Just getting to the dentist was extremely hard. I can’t even walk into a store without panicking and needing to leave, so having and dental procedure was a joke to me.

This led me to read up on alternatives to a root canal. I stumbled upon many controversial things about root canals. I read that bacteria gets stuck in little chambers in the roots, and the bacteria can spread, and in many cases it would lead to infections that affected the heart valves. I obviously am not going to risk my life, because of a cavity. Cleary I know that having a cavity isn’t good for my heart either, so I am searching for solutions.

I read up on natural supplements such as colloidal silver, and some weird toothpaste. I am thinking of having the tooth pulled, and taking it from there.

Being such a nervous wreck, I am too nervous to be put under, given NOS, or anything like that.

I haven't been in pain recently, but tonight, I was playing around with it, with some dentist tools.

While I was eating dinner, part of the tooth chipped off =[

No pain, no blood, no nothing. It just feels weird, like I got a tooth Pulled.

What could that mean? There is no abcess or anything. I see something weird

Here is a few pictures.



What should I do?

I wrote that two days ago.

I was just eating a chicken nugget and the outside (facing cheek), just broke off.

What does this mean?

Im in no pain, at all.

ps: I was playing with the tooth, with dental tools earlier -_-
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I know it may be really difficult, but most fractured teeth require extraction.

You HAVE to get yourself to a dentist to have the tooth and area surrounding it evaluated.  Perhaps a trusted friend could go with you to help ease your anxiety.

Your medical problems with your heart would only require a minimal dose of antibiotics, and that may not even be necessary with the new AMA standards. Your cardiologist could tell you.

Please don't let your cardiac condition stop you from good dental care.  There is NO substitute for a root canal and you're wasting your time hunting for one.  Once the nerve gets infected either it has to come out, or the entire tooth does.  Infection spreading to soft tissue can easily follow a fracture and that's something you don't want.

Those of us with congenital cardiac problems have to take extra good care of our teeth.  Yes, they do have a direct relationship to our general well being and problems must be addressed to avoid serious consequences.

Please make an appt.  Your tooth needs attention and you can't do this yourself.  DON'T POKE AT YOUR TOOTH!  You need medical intervention and there really is no way around it.  Having general anxiety makes it more difficult but it has to be done.

If you look at it with the idea that it is for your health, you can do it!  
I call it "putting on my Big Girl Panties" and just doing it!  LOL  Believe me, this was not easy for me either but you can do it!  It only takes once and the fear will start to go away.  Ask yourself what is there to be afraid of?  Pain?  Minimal, but you can stand it!  Anyone can stand anything for a minute or so.  My bet is it's not pain but just a general fear.
You're not alone.  But, you can do it.  Take a deep breath and go with NO FEAR!

Again, PLEASE make an appt to have it checked.  Things can go from bad to worse very quickly with a tooth fracture.

Flinging BGP's your way!  LOL
My best to you and do let us know how you are doing.

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