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White tongue, red spots (inflammed taste buds?)

About four weeks ago I started taking Flagyl for a bacterial infection, a few days in my tongue started to developed a yellow/white coating. This did not go away when stopping the antibiotic. I went to the doctor who said it apepared to be thrush and gave me nystatin for 7 days (2ml four times a day). This did not work. Went back to the doctor who then said I had 'hairy tongue' and gave me Peridex. Still no solution. Four weeks have gone now. I started back on Nystatin yesterday. My tongue appears white  (mostly in teh back) and it looks like the taste buds in the bad are swollen. I assume the red spots are the swollen taste buds. If i eat any food with any dark coloring the tongue turns that color for a long period of time. Tongue does not hurt, but feel very dry and roof of mouth has a greasy feel to it. I have been brushing my tongue and practicing good oral hygiene. The doctor seems to be at a loss as am I. The doctor also ran blood work which was all fine. I'm really at a loss as to what to do.
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I have the same problem.  I have White tongue and bumps in the back of my tongue.  I went to the Dr. he gave me the mouth wash and went back and gave me pills, with no result.

I went to the oral surgeon and he told me that its nothing to worry about.  I showed him the roof of my mouth, which is cloudy looking and he told me to stop smoking and drinking.  He also told me that my white tongue can be from anxiety too, which is weird because its been almost a year.  
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You may want to try a local dental school and see if an oral pathologist will look at it.  It does sound like thrush to me and sometimes it takes a good strong dose of meds to take care of it.
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I have a white coated tongue with red spots on the back and linda the middle i looked in my mouth and it is greenish or yellowish i dont know what it is but i supposely had a urethea infection and one day i think i woke up with anxeity disorder i dont know whats up with my mouth but im scared please help
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