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infection after molar extracted?

Hi, I had a tooth surgically extracted over a week ago.  I was placed on penicillin which I finished this past Friday.
I noticed a small bubble and assumed the penicillin would take care of it.
Now the bubble has grown.  Is this something I can manage with salt water rinses or should I be
seen by the surgeon?
Thank you
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Hi Dee sounds like a water blister caused by the dentel tools. Soft bubbles means a pocket with something inside.
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Thank you. I saw it earlier, looked like a pimple, I tried to pop it, then it grew bigger. My jaw is still hurting and I was told it was because they had to cut the gums to get the tooth out.  The tooth only came to the gumline, I had lost the crown the day before and the tooth under was very decayed.
I have looked it up and found it could be an abscess so am going to the surgeon so he can take a look and see if I need more antibiotics
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Just wanted to get back to you, I saw the surgeon, he said he thinks it is gum tissue healing after the tooth was cut out.
He called it granulation though he said it did look like a fistula (infection) he said give it another week.
Thanks again
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