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post root canal concern

In Aug 2007 I had my first root canal on my back left molar.  I had a major abscess and a hidden root that my endodontist found.  He said the RCT went perfectly and I was good to go.  But I still feel some pressure on that side of my mouth in that area.  Also when I press on my tooth with my tongue I can still feel the pressure of it.  Sometimes its more sore than other times.  When I sleep on that side of my face, I sometimes wake up and it will ache for a couple of hours.  Post-op xrays show that the tooth looks good.  And post-op visits all have been with the OK.  I am still worried about why my tooth seems to still be achey and sore sometimes.  Is this normal?
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Occlusal adjustment of afflicted tooth is advised.
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