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tooth/mouth pain! Deparate, Help!!!

39 yrs old, F. lower left wisdom tooth, mesial impacted, lower right wisdom tooth, horizontal impacted. Upper left wisdom tooth-missing. Presented to my dentist on in Dec 2008 for filling on upper #15 and #12. No pain symptoms, just getting filling due to my dental exam/xray showing the need. At time of fillings, tooth #14 had old deep filling. After filling 15 and 12, extreme pain, heat/cold sensitivity for week. Advil (1000mg) would relieve pain for a couple of hours. The next week, dentist adjusted filling. tooth & mouth pain did not go away. Next week, dentist, more adjustments, performed hot/cold tests. Dentist suggested tooth 14 had sensitivity, may need re do of old deep filling.  This did not stop the pain. Next week, readjust all three, suggested root canal on tooth # 14. Also noted, lower left wisdom tooth bleeding excessive. Dentist showed me in mirror. Looked like the wisdom tooth had protruded more through my gum. Still having severe mouth and teeth pain on left side. It was hard for me to pinpoint the source. Dentist sent me to Endodontist for  # 14 root canal. (jan 23, 2009) Back to dentist Jan 29, 2009, still pain. Dentist wanted to start over, back to before fillings. Drilled out all three # 15, # 14, #12. (upper left), cleaned, rinsed, put temporary fillings. Still have pain, swelling on left side. Have been weary of hot/cold. Last night, tried hot. Extreme pain in upper, then lower, and whole left side. It hurt to talk or move, had sensitivity to sound and light with extreme head ache. I will be calling the dentist today. Please help. could the lower impacted wisdom tooth be the issue? How can I help the dentist pinpoint the source of problem?
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If you were asymptomatic before dental treatment, I would suspect you are having the condition known as migrainous toothache. Seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.Impacted teeth are probably not the culprit of your complaints. However, removal of impacted is advised.
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Any good dentist should have been able to pinpoint the problem from the start.  Its not that hard to figure that the source is from either 12 or 15, and vitality testing should have done the rest.  The idea with the cold test most dentists forget about is lingering.  Here is the correct method:
1) Put endo ice on the tooth (anything else is not cold enough to produce diagnostic results)
2) When pt. starts to feel it, pt. should raise her hand and ice should be removed
3) Lower your hand when the pain stops, the time it lingers is counted.
That lingering time is extremely important.  It determines the difference between something temporary that will resolve, and the nerve dieing.  For most people, lingering longer than 5-7 sec is irreversible.  However, some people are different, so he needs to test teeth on the other side as well to get a baseline.

If your dentist cannot provide you a solution soon, I would look for a second opinion.  The wisdom teeth probably aren't helping the situation, but with the timeline you gave, they are not the likely cause.
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