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white coating on back of tongue

I have had this for about a week now, maybe longer. It started when I was in class and I was scraping my tongue on the roof of my mouth cuz it felt like I had somethin on my tongue. the part I was scraping then felt wrinkly so I went to the bathroom to check it out. There was a tan like spot in the center of my tongue. It was like skin I could peel off with no pain. My friend told me it was just extra skin or dried skin I could peel off. I didn' believe it. I ten went to the doctor to check it out. He said it was normal and I could have burned my tongue and it could have been a blister that showed. He also said u could burn ur tongue a week or more ago and then it would show up. I didn't believe it since I have burnt my tongue many times and that has never happened. And now I looked in the mirror and saw some white in the back of my tongue. Its a small thin layer of white in the back of my tongue with fissures going down the center. The fissures aren't very deep. I am worried about this. I don't want it to be anything serious. I am scared to try brushing it off. The picture isn't my tongue but it is very similar to it. Except the white isn't in the front. It's in the back on the top of my tongue. Its minor though.Please help!!

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Seeing an oral pathologist or oral surgeon is advised.
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thank you for the advise
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Sounds normal to me. Most people have a white coating, especially on the back, you just probably never noticed it before until you stuck your tongue out so far in the mirror.
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I noticed also a white coating on the back on my tongue and two bumps on the sides. The doctor said he didn't see anything abnormal at all. As worried826 says, it seems that I didn't stick out my tongue out so far till now.
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I have had a thick coating on my tongue for over 1 month now and 3 different dotors told me that they didn't know what it is. My new doctor took one look at me and said yes that a oral yeast infection and it comes from taking or mixing antibiotics which the doctors had me doing and the oral yeast infection came from that. He perscribed a medicine call nystatin 100000. The medication I didn't think did anything for me it only said to use 4 ml 4 times a day which is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon. He said to swish and spit it out. After 2 weeks I still have this oral yeast infection so I have no clue what to do or how long i should have been swishing for.
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