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Post concussion syndrome

I had a head trauma in January. Got post concussion syndrome which includes symtoms of..being mentally detached from reality,foggy, cant concentrate, fogginess, memory problems, headaches, etc. I have been getting on and off again symptoms of anxiety/depression.  

Is the Unreality symptom primarily a symptom of mental anxiety? The doctors treat it as such, and want to give me paxil...or serafem..because i cry when discussing my symptoms..

My neurologist is very unsympathetic as well.
Can anxiety cause severe muscle weakness that i am getting..and uncoordination?
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Although anxiety can exacerbate any particular symptom, it is not usually the cause of severe muscle weakness or uncoordination. That usually requires a neurological evaluation.

The real problem is a chicken and egg problem. Once you have head trauma symptoms, you also get more anxious and depressed becuase you are not functioning normally.  When that improves you will be fine, but it may actually be improving but masked by this secondary anxiety.

Taking any medication is very tricky in this situation and has to be done with great care by a doctor you trust. Just crying because you are rightfully upset is not a good reason to give medication here.
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