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Strange phobias

I'm scared of footsteps and eyes.  Like, I'll be in my room doing homework and if I hear footsteps I will freak out.  I'll scan my mind for anything I could have possibly done wrong or something else that I should be doing and I know it's ridiculous because I'm doing homework, so I shouldn't be so scared.  And my little brother's footsteps sound just like my stepdad's so I freak out because I'm not sure if it's my dad or just my brother.  I'm 18 and moving out in a month.  Going to live at the college dorm!  Yeah yeah!  Ha anyway, and if I stare at eyes for a long period of time, I'll get scared.  I thought I was just scared of my eyes because I'll often stare at me just to see the reaction I'll get from me and my heart will start pumping so fast and eventually I'll have to look away.  Then I stared into my 9 month old neice's eyes and had the same reaction.  I was just wondering what could be the cause of this.  I'll probably go see one of the counselors at the school, but I have a while and I'm curious.
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It is hard to tell the exact origin of what you are experiencing but I can tell you this.  It is very scary to move out of your home into the bigger world of college.  It sounds to me like you are exploring your own fears as a way of expressing your anxiety and trying to master it.  You are looking in to your own mind.  It he sounds like a healthy exploration to me.
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