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Xanax xr and effexor xr

I have been having anxiety and panic attacks for years. I have a thyroid condition that still can get medically situated with medication. The doctor has mentioned graves disease and some side effects to this is anxiety.  I have been prescribed .75mg of Effexor xr and Xanax Xr .5.  At first my systoms taking the Effexor Xr by itself was shaking, nerve pain like trembling, and insomnia.  So he gave me xanax to counter out some of the side effects. Every anti depressant i have taken over the past couple of years i have the same symptoms.  I feel real good just taking the low dose xanax xr. is it possible to take this medicine over a long period of time. Or better to stay on the combo im on now then after 3-4 weeks start to eliminate the xanax to see if the effexor side effects arent there anymore. I just want to feel normal which i dont know what that is anymore.  Any suggestions..I usually ditch the anti depressants the first day cause of the severe side effects.
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Antidepressants are not always good for anxiety, and if it is anxiety, not graves disease, then xanax at low dose is your best choice as long as you don't start increasing the dose.
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