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Emergency Depression Relief

I have an appt. with my regular psychiatrist on Jan 26th...However, I feel like I'm in the middle of a nervous breakdown.  I have thought about going to the Emergency Room where my Primary Care Dr. is...but is there really any medication that would provide immediate relief from the doom and gloom feelings I am having?  I have had tremendous stress factors since Aug of this year...involving death of a loved one, and both my adult children being in trouble with the law, my inability to concentrate has also been affecting my current employment...I can not function..do not want to do ANYTHING.....is there any benefit to me visiting the emergency clinic prior to my Jan 26th appointment?
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I red your prior postings about your son, and I can read that you are in a lot of internal pain for all the situations you had in the past year.

About the ER, maybe it's a good idea just to try to reduce the anxiety symptoms, but the real change, the one that is going to make a difference it has to come from the inside.

I'm in the middle of reading a book called "Who would you be without your story? " form Byron Katie. The book was a gift ti my wife but I started to read id because I'm always worrying about stuf from work and mainly for stuf that hasn't happened yet but I stress a lot about it. There is a story some what similar to your on section 6 "Welcome to Al-Alnon"

I'm not saying that this will resolve all your problems, but is a start. I been stressing out all 2010 long and waisted tons of time thinking about stuff instead of living and enjoying life with my children.

I really hope you can move on and all the issues with your son get resolved in a convenient matter for you. Hang in there ! you will get pass thru this and you will be a better person at the end.

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I think that talking to the doctor could help validate your feelings and help you a little.  There may be something that they can offer you as well.  I only see benefits from going.
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Hmm...it seems that tons of people, including my current therapist...hear my story and come up with Al-Anon...how can I deny this?  I received a sticker in an AA meeting the other day, by chance....RELAX: God is in Charge.  I speak alot in AA meetings about how I WISH...I could LET GOD be in charge.  I falter....Another downer happened today with my son..he called for his state benefits...like every Sunday...and there is a problem...which means more financial worry...SO....at my bottom...I asked myself...what is the worst possible thing that can happen with the financial situation and if that were to happen...could I deal with it....YES...I can..It won't be easy...but I CAN deal with it...so with that...I have been somewhat able to let this part go....As far as relieving my anxiety...I do have medication for that....that I don't take because it makes me drowsy...I just woke from a nap...and I think I will TAKE IT.
Thank you for your reply....just hearing someone reply...and tell me basically...its ok and necessary to let go....makes me feel better.  Best wishes to you in 2011 for letting go of some of your worry....and it sounds like you are doing the right thing by reading that book.  That is also a book I will definetly buy next time I am in Barnes and Noble..because MY STORY....is always defining me....year after year.....if I keep up this level of worry...I won't have many years left...Thanks again.
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Hi Jaquta!
Yes, I definetly think going would not be a bad thing either..However, I'm so lazy and depressed that I can not even bring myself to go....I have put a corned beef on the stove...and will be eating that later with some potato...carrots and bread....Tomorrow...we will deal with this unemployment issue, get him on my medical...I will go to work Tues - Fridady...we go to court Friday and AT LEAST just knowing IF and when he will be able to see his son willl make me feel better.  Even KNOWING he CANT see his son...KNOWING something...will be better than the constant waiting and heartbreak.  Thanks for being there....Hope your day is going well
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Just distracting by talking to others.  Feel tired and want/ need something to happen.  Do you ever get that?  Just surviving but only just.  Not really sure what to do about that anymore.  Vent to my doctor and he will say come back next week.  And then at the end of next year I will still just be putting one foot in front of the other.
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I feel exactly like I need something to happen.  And that IS the solution.  I was in a seminar on depression and feeling trapped a couple months ago...and when I am able to follow the suggestions...the stuff works.  Something needs to change..but it is not going to change on its own and no one is going to do it for us.  THE KEY...is to TAKE SOME KIND OF ACTION.  I tried this recently when I was in a work slump and getting bad news and not liking what was happening to me...I felt like I had no control.  I am in a job that I hate...and I keep getting promises of being moved.  I was told I would be moved starting Jan 1...well, in the middle of Dec...I was told the date was moved to FEB.  I immediately snapped into a dark depression...along with all the other dissatisfaction in my life....SO....I felt trapped...and I went on the company web site and I put in for an open job....Right away, I felt better about myself...and like I had some control over what was happening to me...It ended up I did not get an interview for that job...but the ACTION that I took when I was feeling so low...made me not feel HELPLESS.  So, look closely at your current situation and see what immediate ACTION you can take...in any area where you feel trapped...Take the action and I guarantee you will feel some kind of relief.
Even if it only lasts for a short while..sometimes that short while is enough to get us on the path to living happier.
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I agree with you!
I lost my Job in Nov 2008 and by January 2009 I decided to go by my own. It's been very hard, that I can tell you. From Being "protected" by a company or by a Boss to be by your own is a totally differente game ball. I' love what I do, but the risks are so great that some days I feel I can't handle them and then the worrying starts to kick in. Ah yeah, and the money is not getting in the way it should. It's been 4 months without getting paid by the project we developed but I'm still here.

Today For example I was worrying about a client that may cause some problems. Nothing has happened yet but in my mind i figure a way to make a story that is pure hell. So instead of enjoying my sunday and enjoying my family I spent it worrying about nothing. Then I regret it because I should have spent more time with my kids, but instead I choose to watch a movie o read to keep my mind off the bad thoughts.

Last week I made a decision that If my destiny is to work again for a company in order to have mor peace, so be it. Next thing I was doing is mutting my resume in to monster.com and start searching for new opportunities. I haven't had any interviews yet but the sole part of taking some ACTION to try to change my status quo made me feel a little better.

I think the hardest part for me is going to be to trane my mind not to worry about things that don't happend and maybe never are gonna be real. We have to take action, trane our minds and be alert for negative thoughts and change them as soon as we detect them.

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Yup, sometimes it is really hard to take action when you are in a depressive state.
Tomorrow..I have to take action and get up at 4:30am to go to work...I have to be in a 7am..but I take my son to a Methadone clinic in another city...prior to me going to work...EVERYDAY....I just hope there isn't any drama there tomorrow...Friday we were told his medical ran out...his X shut him off medical...so we had some drama....but I was able to add him to my medical...don't know what people here think about Obahma...but I like that benefit.
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Go into your bedroom and cry your eyes out, bury your head in the pillows.

Crying may bring you some relief.
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If you cannot wait for your Doctor appt. Then you should call e.r. opr go to e.r. and they will get you help and yes there is medications that can help right away. My prayers are with you.
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