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I'm afraid of getting older...

I'm a seventeen-year-old girl, and for some ungodly reason I'm dreading the day I turn eighteen. I know I miss school so much, my junior year was amazing, containing wonderful teachers and friends along with a schedule I didn't detest, and I wish I had one more week left of it. Now I'm moving on to my senior year, my LAST year of high school. Then I'm off to the real world... Yikes. I'm excited, but mostly upset because in all honesty, I love the perks of being "just a kid" as well as having the responsibilities of an adult. I love being a young adult, but I also admire being a kid. Which sounds really flaky, now that I think about it. I know what I want to do with my life, I just need support. I don't know as much as I should, and that pertains to driving and navigating around unfamiliar localities, and finances. I think I'm a loser for what I don't (but should) have provided, at my age. I'll be eighteen in November and I know how time passes so quickly, it drives me insane usually. I'm a ponderer, and I dwell on the past, the wonderful moments. I don't know what's to come for me, I know for a fact I won't have much together by the end of senior year. I don't know what to think, I don't know how to feel.
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Hey there

I know the end of an era can be daunting but I'm sure you can hold on to some of the great bits - like keeping in contact with friends and stuff. And the stuff you gained from school will always stay with you, the good memories, and everything you learned. And be excited for what's next to come!
I've been studying at university for 7 years and now almost finished my PhD and feel a bit sad about ending my time at university. But I already teach music in some schools and I find that that's gonna be my next exciting thing, being a part of those schools. There will always be something else to be a part of, especially at your age!

I began worrying about getting older when I hit 23, I felt I'd done my undergraduate degree and now I was kinda a real adult, but I still kid around and am a bit niave like a kid. Though my boyfriend says its better to stay the way you are happiest and not worry about the age you are, and what u think u are 'supposed to be' at that age. Now I'm 25 its a bit weird, as I really don't feel like someone who's on the way to be 30, but  I know that to live we have to get older ?! lol. Anyway i find life gets better as we get older as I have more hold on emotions and know what I'm doing, less drama with boyfriends, better r'ships with family etc....so something to look forward to.

What is it that ur scared of most?
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Dont be so afraid of it :)

Growing up is a good thing! I'm 19 and im going to be 20 this year and that is a daunting thing. Add on top of that, that i also run a business and am opening a shop for my business and you have one rather busy 19 year old haha. I know exactly how you feel though. I have just finished college and im exactly the same. You dont know what to do with yourself or what to think or where to look. The best thing i could suggest is to just go with the flow. Have you made up your mind what you would like to do in the future?
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I'm mostly afraid of how socially awkward I can be. I hope that one da I become the person I want to be; ab
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I was very shy at school and felt I didn't fit in - but at university i found more people i fitted in with and it brought me out of myself a good bit. University gives u the chance to start afresh in a way. What are ur plans for after school?

Don't worry about achieving these kinds of things at a certain age - driving, finances....
I've had a driving licence since I was 18 (now I'm 25) and since I come from a small town, I only feel comfortable driving around the local area, and don't like driving into the city as I really can't cope with all the various lanes! So I just take the train to save me the hassle! :)
What kind of financial stuff do u need to get in check?
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Hey Lisa, the few previous feedback on top are great!

I'm 29 now. I have the same thoughts like yours when i am 17.
It always struck to me when alone and thinking by my self.
But able to get over it by answering to my self, "this is life and we need to move on towards it".
Get a positive attitude for your self to adapt to this changes, then you will get positive outcome.

For my journey from 17-29, I meet more friends, and i still keep close contact with my high school buddies.
The best moment being with them is to chit chat about our sweet old memories in high school. Always ended with a big laugh.
Surely you will enjoy such moment in your future.

Stay positive! :)
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It's a long time ago for me, but I remember having the same thoughts as you have.  I'm now 61. I thought that I didn't know nearly enough.  You know what?  Life is a continuous learning experience.  You will always be learning more.  I loved my senior year of high school and greatly missed it, but you will find more friends as you get older. And keep hold of the friends that still fit with you now.  I was incredibly shy.  Teachers would say that I was the very last person to ever say a word in class which just embarrassed me further. I got slightly better through college.  But once I got a job, I greatly wanted to do public speaking.  My body and voice would physically shake, but I kept at it and now have my own company in which I do public speaking without effort.  Life is all about learning and getting better at everything.  You will see. If you really have anxiety, I would try to get counseling.  Most schools have counselors that you can see for free.

The best is yet ahead for you.
Let me know any of your thoughts.
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