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Pseudodementia + Depression

I've had a history of recurrent depression events for over thirty years, usually following a stressful life event. Anxiety disorder ditto. When a household family member died about four ago I suddenly lost all of my short-term memory. Within a few days I also sunk into a bad depression with lots of crying. After various doctor visits, therapy, antidepressants and antianxiety meds, work-up at Stanford, etc., I am still having the same level of memory loss, although the depression has finally begun to weaken some. They call the memory loss Pseudodementia (believe me, there's nothing pseudo about it). It's difficult to find much information about it. Does anyone have personal experience with it?
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An acquaintance of mine went through a stressful situation and lost short term memory for a year. She suspected Alzheimer's, but extended stress can knock your thinking can for a loop.
How long ago was your loss? You have an unfortunate typo:"...about four ___ ago"
Condolensces. I hope your memory returns soon.
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Thank you for your post. Yep, that was an unfortunate typo. I have had this situation for four years. The memory issue seems pretty well entrenched but who knows, it may just leave like it arrived; suddenly.
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