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adolescence anxiety and depresion

My daughter, 14-yr old, has lost over 10 pounds  to 82 ibs during the two past months. Then she has built very high anxiety over the school and so on. Two weeks she went to children's hospital over the rapid weight loss and low heart beat (45 per minute when awake, 38 when asleep.)
She cries a lot and has no interests at anything when she cries. Basically she shuts down herself during the down mood. But when she is in the up mood, she is happy but doesn't want to do anything.
We're seeing the psychologist for the first time in the last week. I'm concerned that this kind of therapy may not be enough and may also need the medicine. If so, what kind of medicine is safe for the teenager. And also, would you recommend any specialist on adolescence anxiety and depresion?
Thank you.
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I would have her see a psychiatrist that specializes in children.  Putting teenagers on medication can be dangerous, which is also why you want her to be seeing a psychiatrist.  A psychologist cannot prescribe medications, and only a psychiatrist would know what would be best for her to take.  They are much more educated on the drugs, side effects, etc.  She sounds very depressed and I'm happy that you are acting on this.  Google "pediatric psychiatrists" in your city and state to get a complete listing of ones in your area. I would also make sure she gets a complete medical work-up, to include seeing an Endocrinologist.  Good luck to you both.........
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Thanks for your advice. We will try to find a good psychiatrist asap. I am depressed when she felt lost. She would cried for no knowing what to do, like should get up or stay in bed, going out or stay at home, go to school or quit.....she kept asking for help but didn't want to accept any advice. My daughter was crying for helping, my wife was crying for couldn't giving helping. What should we do?
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You're taking the first big step in getting her in to see someone who will get her to open up about what is bothering her.  It may be a chemical imbalance, or some outside factor, and a psychiatrist will figure this out. To see your child going through this is very hard.  Depression can be a debilitating condition, and this is what is causing her problems.  She's young enough that she has to obey your wishes, which right now is for her to go to a psychiatrist. Teens don't always want to confide in their parents, and this is normal. At her age, kids feel that we as parents know nothing and would not understand anyway, a psychiatrist will get her talking, and getting better.  If she needs medication he will know what will work best for her.  Let your daughter know how much you both love her, that she can tell you anything (and mean this), that you are always there to listen, and you will do whatever is needed to help her.  Then leave it between her and the psychiatrist.  I'm sure at some point the doctor will want to speak with both you and your wife, and maybe all three of you at some point.  Don't question her everytime she sees the psychiatrist, she will talk when she's ready.  Get her going to the psychiatrist and then give her space.
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