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i dont think its the weed

i have always talked to myself alot, usually just things like telling myself what to do, telling myself what i like and dont like, talking about people, and other normal things. i started smoking marijuana heavily about 7 months ago and i have noticed that i have been having non-stop conversations in my head. taking on different roles, but not usually voices. sometimes though, but i am just a generally weird person, no one knows how weird i really am though. i have been experiencing even weirder conversations and voices in my head latley. for example yesterday after smoking i couldnt stop talking to myself, i was convinced the person i was with could hear everything i was thinking, i kept making up different scenarios, making myself cry, then get upset, then feel fine, then cant stop from shaking, to thinking: "why wont wont you go to sleep"? because he wont let me. then hearing my dads voice: "its a he? then hearing someone else voice: whats his name? then answering "charlie" and omg i wanted to cry because nothing has ever happened like that before..and that conversation went on for at least 3 hours. i found out a lot of things about myself that night. or made up some crazy ****. who is charlie and how did i just know wh ohe was? when i said it it shocked me. i couldnt have made that up.  i will sometimes do things then wonder why the **** did i just do that. or say things then stop or just. it is never  that sever when i am not smoking. and i can only remember it being that bad and worse 5 times. i get very angry fast and i can be very hyper and happy then sad then chill then irritated then sleepy then irritated then grumpy then i just want to be alone until i am chill AGAIN. that is like a normal everyday sequence, even if i havnt smoked. i frequently count myself twice and dont notice or say "us" when talking about myself to another person. i have also thought i was having either a long conversation with god...or the devil on time, that one really freaked me out. the thing is i have a million incidents and stories that i could share. it has to be me. i read somwhere that smoking can bring out schzophrenia in people if they have the gene. could this be true for me? i dont understand how someone can have hat active of an imagination if they are not crazy. because i think of cray ****. i dont reamember my dreams anymore. but when i close my eyes my thought always change. and when i try to stop thinking sometimes it hurts. i cant concentrate on what other people say to me sometimes because i am already talking to myself. is there something the matter with me>??? i do have bad memory. and i have recently lost a lot of weight. i literally have conversations and sometimes i am not even involved in it.
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Schizophrenia onset is usually during early adulthood and in many cases stress or drug abuse is giving the green light.

Are you under stressful situation? College? Anything that could produce stress? All those thing could be contributing to the onset.

What's your age?

First I suggest you stop smoking weed and second I recommend you see a psychologist and get a diagnosis if there is one to be made. Medications is usually required for managing schizophrenia.

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yesss. i am 17 graduating from high school this week and i am still trying to get accepted into sombodies college. i have daily stress mostly caused from interacting with other people & i also think i may be bi-polar.

i dont want to stop smoking because even tho i sometimes have episodes like i described smoking makes me feel better. and when i stoped smoking before for volleyball i started drinking. i dont want that either. i am probably not addicted. but i just dont feel like stopping. i will if it is the real cause.
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Ok then let's not talk about smoking, you smoke it makes you feel better, its ok. Medications work this way. You treat the symptoms.

I recommend you see a psychologist. Colleges have their own psychologist and it should be one way to look forward to.

Like I said early adulthood (you are 17) and stressful moments (your are planning your future right now). College and stuff. Well yes it could be the trigger for schizophrenia so please go seek external help. A spychologist is very a good place to start with when i doubt of having schizophrenia as there are some other mental disorders related to schizophrenia such as schizotypal and schizoid disorder, All the stuff you can rule out with the help of a psychologist you will have to.

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Look.  I have researched and a very interested in Schizophrenia, my dad has it. I have four kids.  I tell them "your brains are vulnerable"

smoking MJ can bring on schizophrenia in people who are vulnerable, there is no debate about that.  This is a fact.

I am a teacher and the biggest final year dope smoker from last year now has schizophrenia.  He is also a colleagues son.

This is a certainty.  Your brain is not up to this, you have to stop, it is a viscous cycle, smoking , feeling better, psychosis, smoking....
Stop now and save yourself, find new friends.  This can only end one way
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