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Any way to get rid of facial redness?

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My cheeks have been red ever since I was little. I've always had really red cheeks. I don't have acne and they are smooth but warm. I blush a lot from exercise, the heat, and especially embarrassment, causing my face to be red and my cheeks to be literal tomatoes. The amount of times I've been called out for "blushing" is humiliating.
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Yes, there are ways, and how depends on what is causing it.

You should probably start with a dermatologist. Something like rosacea can cause the redness you always have, and can also contribute to the blushing/flushing.

There are a lot of other conditions that can cause this, though, and you really need to be evaluated by a doctor. Some things may be an inflammatory response, like rosacea, and others might be a neurological response. A doctor will be able to help you with this.
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