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Arm itching

I also suffer form the agonizing itch on my fore arms that alot of you mentioned. I believe the sun is a factor and I  take Benadryl/Alegra.  I have a hunch that I may be alergic to products containing gluten and this could be what sets me off.  I am going to test my theory by watching my diet. I will share my results.
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The symptoms are suggestive of brachioradial pruritis. Brachioradial pruritis is an intense itching sensation of the arm usually between the shoulder and elbow of either or both arms. The itch can be so intense that sufferers will scratch their own skin to a bleeding condition.
The main cause of BRP is not known but there is evidence to suggest that BRP may arise in the nervous system. BRP may be attributed to a neuropathy, such as chronic cervical radiculopathy.

No cure has been found.The only thing that seems to help most sufferers is the application of ice to the area until the itch is diminished. Other treatments include cooling lotions like those containing camphor or menthol,capsacain or local anesthetic creams,amitriptyline and gabapentin tablets and electrical cutaneous nerve field stimulation.
I hope that helps. Take care and regards.

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I have suffered for years with this, but this summer it is worse and happens all the time and all day long and at night waking me up. I have six rotating ice packs and that is the only thing that works temporarily until the arm defrosts and starts itching again.
Went to Internal Medicine doc yesterday and he prescribed EMLA cream (generic = Lidocaine 2.5% Prolcaine 2.5%) that penetrates the skin and deadens the nerve endings. Today is the first relief I have had in ages...and last night I slept through the night. It does wear off after  8 hours and must be reapplied. You must have completely clean skin without any creams or oils present in order for it to soak into the skin. It seems to deaden the nerve endings just under the skin where all the itching starts. The drug insert calls it a skin analgesic mostly used for children when starting an IV to ease the pain. It warns not to use on skin that is not intact, or open sores, so this is definitely for those of us that have no visible rash or sores. It has relieved the "bee-sting" sensation and the infernal itching that follows. Hope this helps someone.
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Hi -

I have been suffering from this too.  I started putting a hand salve that has eucalyptus oil on it and it was soothing it, but remembered an old time medicated salve we used to use www.********.com - and reordered some ot it.  Started using it and it contains turpentine which helps sooth the itch.  It's about $9.95 a can and lasts a long time.  Get on their website, they have some awesome products.  Hope that helps.
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