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Best aggressive treatment for seborrheic dermatitis?

I have had seb derm since I was a little girl (I'm 32 now) and used a variety of things to control it, including: tar shampoo, dandruff shampoo, ketoconazole shampoo (this worked beautifully for YEARS), Loprox shampoo, Derma-smoothe, apple cider vinegar (this was desperation), verdeso foam.  I have been under major stress for the last year and a half, and that is when the keto shampoo stopped working.  The Loprox didn't work.  Derma-smoothe seems like it sort of works, but not like it did the first few times I used it.  Apple cider vinegar on my head feels nice and tingly, but the smell is enough to make me gag, and I don't know if it is helping or not.  I've just gotten some samples of the Verdeso foam, and have been using it; it feels good when I put it on, but again, I'm not seeing much difference.  Is there something that will get this under control???  I am so stressed out by this problem. I have to comb my hair all the time with a fine tooth comb to get the gigantic flakes out (because they're stuck in my hair).  I ask my close friends or family to check my head after I shower or do my hair so that I don't have any big flakes showing.  It is disgusting to me and I desperately want relief.  Help!
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I understand how frustrating this is for you. Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic and recurrent skin condition. There is really no definite cure for this. It appears to be aggravated by stress and weather. At this point, it has been associated with fungal or yeast infection.

In seborrheic dermatitis, frequent and vigorous shampooing appears to improve the condition much more than the use of medicated shampoos. Also, the use of topical corticosteroids for severe cases may be able to help.

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This tends to dry my hair out considerably, since it is already very frizzy, coarse and dry.  I could use a moisturizing conditioner, and I could use lots of product on my hair to calm it down, add moisture, and smooth it, but I wonder if these products will make my scalp worse because of the oil/moisture?  

Are any of the things I used topical steroids?
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I have a terrible case in my eyebrows right now and it is so embarrassing. I have had hair loss, both from inflammation and from my attempts to get out the flakes. A photographer at my school took a photograph of me up close when I had huge scales in my eyebrows but I was too embarrassed and frankly, frightened and caught up in the moment, to say no. I hate this. I am looking for something to control it as well. I am only in my mid-20s and I hope this gets under control so one day I can look good at my wedding.
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My dermatologist recommended tea tree oil shampoo. I'm trying that now.
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SD is a non dangerous disease, but it makes outlook of the person to loose all his/her confidence level of the life and keeps the person busy in
removing the flakes from his skin for all 24 hours. I had this disease for the past 15 years and tried all zinc tablets, Shampoo, all type of doctors, but no use.
Finally now i am trying Homeopathy now and presently i am very much satisfied with the results.

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I have suffered with Seborrheic dermatitis for over two years, I have seen doctors and a Dermatologist and i came across this hair oil called Somaluxe Argan Oil  and my red patches have nearly gone (I have bee using it for around a week every night) and the scales have disappeared. I had it quiet bad round my mouth, ears and eyes and it has nearly gone...... I'm so happy with the result!

It would be better if Somaluxe would not put the aragin oil in a GLASS bottle, because its oil I'm scared it may slip out my hands so I have decantered it into a plastic spritz bottle.
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Ive had it forever best methods i know are

1. cortizone 10 eczema put it on an hour before bed all over anything with scales. leave it on over night and wash it in the morning. do it twice in a week and it should clear up for a few weeks.

2. nizoral shampoo worked great for a while not as good for long term.

3. short hair it seems the longer my hair is the nastier it gets.

4 . sunlight i think the uv lights help kill the candida.

5. ketogenic diet. i tried keto for about 3 months and have not had flare ups no flakes in my ears which i struggled with. i also lost 35 lbs

You don't have to do all these just things i have noticed to help cortisone is the easiest method
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