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skin tag/mole/age spot - tea tree oil progress treatment

i am in week 3 (or 4?) of treating few skin tags/moles/age spots on my face and neck consistently twice a day using tea tree oil (melaleuca). they have all enlarged and darkened as seen in pics but have not yet fallen off. when can i expect them to fall off? i don't want to risk peeling them off at this stage

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Are you doing this under a dermatologists or doctors care? That's an important part of success. They can guide you related to safety. https://www.healthline.com/health/teatreeoil-skintags#how-to-use  It's my understanding that using tree tea oil, you wait until the skin tags fall off. But moles are a little different. If any part of the mole does fall off or go away, it's only going to be the top part. Normally, dermatologists don't recommend tree tea oil or apple cider vinegar home removal methods for moles. Removal in that way 'could' increase your risk of skin cancer or the mole will just come right back. I had a mole removed at the doctors office. Probably a better way to go. And dark spots. Are they sun spots, hormonal spots? Skin tags are often associated with too much insulin in your body (either type 2 diabetes or borderline type 2 diabetes). Have you had a physical where you've had your sugar checked?
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i just remembered a gp told me that they are seborrheic keratosis
I wouldn't use tea tree oil on your face and neck like this. It can be really irritating.

If you want SK treated, see a dermatologist.
i read online of people's success with apple cider vinegar on SK. my SK that i have been treating for weeks now has turned black and crusty. is it recommended to switch to apple cider vinegar now?

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