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Best treatment for skin avulsion?

12 days ago I had an accident with a high powered pressure washer that removed a patch of skin off my calf down to the fat layer. The rectangular missing patch is roughly 1.25" X .5".  I began treating it with Neosporin and covering it at night and when outside.  Inside during the day I had uncovered it to let it dry.  No infection at all. The rate of closure on the wound seems to be very slow.  

Should I keep it covered all the time and should I switch from Neosporin to petroleum jelly for the salve?  Also is there a general size of a wound where a skin graft may have to be performed?  
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That sounds incredibly painful!  I'm sorry that happened.  Pressure washers are no joke.

I wouldn't apply petroleum jelly.  If, for some reason, undesirable bacteria were to enter your wound, the jelly would simply trap it in the wound.  If you're having issues with the bandage sticking to the wound, a small amount of jelly won't hurt, but don't slather it on.

Most sources state the consultation with a medical professional is needed, but I understand why you'd forego that if you're healing and not seeing any sign of infection:
This one states that you shouldn't bandage the wound after a few days, but continue to use antibiotic ointment: https://www.mountnittany.org/articles/healthsheets/36606

I did find a source that states you could be looking at 12 weeks for the skin/scar tissue to complete re-cover the wound, but hopefully it will at least be "sealed up" before then so it's not so raw.
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My stupid fault for wearing shorts and not trousers, plus I just had to have a thermonuclear model (3250psi).

Very helpful, particularly the estimate on time.  Actually the only time it stings is after I wash it with soap and water and pat it dry.  While dry it feels a little angry.  Will follow the tips provided thanks.
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