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Blister bubble appearing on skin spreading on groin

The story started like this...
I noticed a bubble blister filled with white transparent fluid near my bellybutton, thought it was a pimple and popped it, a little bit hard but did, and it left a small wound similar to someone burning you with a cigarete(picture below) then I noticed a new one on my chest that ripped during shower and left a small wound, didnt play much atention to it thought it was a foliculus ingrown hair. After one day I noticed one on my groin that was kinda spreading and getting bigger ripped that one and washed it. Some time have passed no new blisters appeared(note:it only apears like one bubble blister filled with fluid, not like multiple pimples) did a doctors apointment she could diagnose anything so she gave me ocinosept to do desinfection and sent me to dermatologist, didnt notice any new ones appearing until one day before the visit. And it left a small wound on my stomach. Dermatologist said that I use belogent cream and come for a check up if it doesnt stop apearing. Now 2 weeks have passed I have 3 more appear one on my arm that went away pretty quicky and 2 on my groin, one started to spread and I popped it applied belogent and desinfected it and it stopped after a day, the other one I left and only applied belogent it wasnt doing much, the blister was spreading and spreading it grew pretty big until one day it stopped, leaving a burn like mark that now stings/burns.. Havent noticed new ones forming anywhere.. all the pictures are below, from a small bubble/blister, to spreading and making a burn like mark. Just to add I had risky sex week or two weeks before the first blister.
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It sounds a little bit like monkeypox. Did you talk to any of the doctors about that possibility?
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No, this is one bubble not multiple appearing ,just one or two maybe. Monkeypox is more similar to chickenpox where there is a bunch of pimple like all over the body
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