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Blister on lip

One day while biting and picking at my lips I noticed that one part that I was biting on the bottom of my lip started to hurt, since I never realize that I pick at my lip and bite it, I noticed that everytime I bit that area it hurt but if I left it alone it didn't hurt well after a few hours before bed time I looked in the mirror and only saw dry lip, but I picked at that area again and it hurt so being a lip picker I ripped the dry skin off and noticed clear fluid came out, it didn't bleed. So cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and went to bed the next day it cracked and bled and scabed, then after the third day the scab fell off and my lips looks normal, also when I ripped the skin off I had no more pain in that area, it relieved the pain. What could have it been? I've never had a cold sore, but I do pick at my lips all the time because they constantly peel. Oh and it was located on the bottom of my lip.
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I really would like to know what this could possibly be?
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It can be due to repeated trauma to the lip and if it is present on the inner side of the lip then mucocele can be a possibility. It is usually inside the lower lip, under the tongue or the inside of mouth and caused mainly by biting the lips or trauma during eating of food.

Usually it goes away on its own. But if it does not, then corticosteroid injections and surgical removal by scalpel or laser are done by a dermatologist. It then has to be differentiated from other mucocutaneous lesions also.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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May I show you a picture of this issue.  See what u think?
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