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Bumps on groin and hips/thighs

For almost a year now I have been dealing with bumps that come up that appear on the front of my hips near my belt line or my inner thigh. They itch when they first from, they're flesh like, kind of hard to the touch. They itch, and take weeks to go away. When they first appeared one was on my scrotum and on the shaft of my penis. They were accompanied extreme itching They never blister, puss or look anything relative to any skin issues I can find online. I've seen three doctors, i've been told that it could be lichen planus, an infection, or a fungal issue. I've been loaded on antiboitics, topical steroids and nothing seems to help. They come and go over time and always appear to have a tiny pin needle indent as if i've maybe been bit. At one time I thought the itching was from scabies, and I was treated for scabies and the major itching stopped for a bit. However my armpits still itch often. The pumps on the penis seem to be more likely to appear after sex or masturbation. I've been tested for STD's since the first instance, and the doctors all agree it doesn't appear contagious or resemble STDs. I'm sick of the issues and being completely unknown and being embarrassed of the issue. Help.

This discussion is related to red itchy bumps on legs and in groin region.
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