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Chemical Scalp Burn

My scalp was badly burned by the hair dye used at the salon.  This was 7 months ago.  Since that time I have been seen by 2 different dermatologists.  One determined that due to the itching and scratching following the initial infection, I developed a yeast infection.  The other dermatologist now believes that I have dermatitis, which she said will probably be a permanent problem for me.  I have never before in my life had any problems with my scalp, not even dandruff.  While I am very thankful that....thus far I have had no hair loss.  I am certainly concerned that there may be hair loss in the future and am wondering if there is any way to heal this problem.  I was my hair with two medicated shampoos, use a topical solution and sleep with a prescribed oil twice a week.  Is there any hope that this situation will become better?
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Sorry you are having such trouble.  Scalp pain and itching is very distracting.  Is one of the shampoos Nizoral?  A gentle plain shampoo to alternate with is Neutrogena Clean.  The pink one for colored hair is less drying to the hair.  If you have oily skin, the green one is great too.  You can try aloe vera on your scalp for cooling comfort.  It is also a gentle antifungal.  

Has the hair texture changed?  Just curious.  You are very fortunate your hair is still thick.  

Eat in a way that reduces inflammation and yeast growth.  That is, little sugar and refined floury foods.  Consume healthy fats and lots of fruits and vegetables.  I'd avoid any topical products (shampoos, hairspray) that use wheat or oats just because so many people are sensitive to it.  

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Thank you for the information.  I am currently shampooing with Clobex and Ketoconazole 2% shampoo, both prescribed by the dermatologist.  I have Nioxin which I use in between, but mainly use the condititioner, as the prescription shampoos are generally used.  Oily?  I would give anything to have an oily scalp.  I honestly haven't had an oily scalp since I was a teenager.   At least not too oily to notice.  My scalp is like the Sahara Desert since this burn.  Dry and scaly.

Thankfully my hair texture has not changed.  I have always had fine thin hair, but the Nioxin conditioner seems to keep my hair in pretty good condition and the burn of my scalp did not seem to damage my hair.  

I used Aloe Vera for awhile.  It definitely provided some relief, although briefly.  I didn't realize it was also an antifungal.
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