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Dermatologists , this needs to stop ?

I have seen all kinds of dermatologists refusing to accept facts put out by other dermatologists in the community on their experience and clinical research on Topical steroid Withdrawal with many past patients documenting their experience and knowledge. Please if you have no experience with clinical research, do not speak as if you have knowledge on everything. Came to realized that even patients have the better ability to make decisions about their skin than you have. Dermatologists cannot seem to accept the fact that modern medicine has failed and refuse to go in deeper on clinical research because there is simply no profitability to doing so. Dermatology is a failure.The medical community has become a money making community, its no more about putting patient's health at first now. It is a flaw in modern medicine and the medical community. Dermatologists put out ineffective treatment or continue giving steroids long term. Other dermatologist are willing to share their expertise with you on Topical Steroid Withdrawal, but you seem to have too much arrogance.
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I think you are right but wrongly focused on dermatologists.  Doctors in general in the US in particular are no different than the rest of us -- they get taught something that is "mainstream" but wrong, but they never will accept it is wrong because that takes time to learn.  Doctors are out to make money, that's why most of them go to medical school.  A few go because of a genuine passion to heal.  If you've been in college you've been around a lot of pre-meds, and they don't do it to heal.  They do it because it pays well and you almost can't get fired.  But almost every human is like this -- we all believe we are right and it's hard to keep an open mind through a lifetime.  Now, dermatology is one of the least respected specialties in medicine because you're right, it very often doesn't work but that doesn't stop dermatologists from trying to cash in on it.  But it's a human problem, not just a medical one.  One thing doctors don't learn or want to know is how to deal with the fact that medication is dangerous and yet approved for use without any requirement we know how to reverse the damage if it occurs.  When medication is necessary, it is risk more worth taking than when medication might just be beneficial.  So it's partly up to patients to do their homework before taking medication so they know what they're in for, as doctors are very unlikely to tell you.  Or even know.  Or care.  So you are right, but the same applies to lawyers and engineers and software developers.  It just usually is more harmful to us when it's a doctor or dentist harming us through their greed, carelessness, lack of curiosity, or ignorance.  Peace.
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