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Dry thickening non itchy skin on palms and fingers

Over the past few months, I’ve developed extremely dry, ashy, thickening skin on my fingers and spots on my palms.  It does not itch and the skin peels off then the new growth seems to be thick and hard.. After a few weeks, the thick skin peels and the process starts all over again. Also, my right hand index finger tip gets dry and thick then peels off. Since I have dark skin, the peeling is starting to scar dark. Apart from the looks and scaring, it does not hurt and there are no bumps or blisters. They are all pretty flat and hard without any liquid. Also my job and hobbies, does not warrant any manual labor.  I use gloves as often as possible to protect my hands.

I saw a dermatologist three times, who prescribed some cream and tape that did not work.  He took a biopsy and the results were negative for any skin disease.  My regular physician did a blood test and again the results were negative.

Please let me know if you’ve encountered anything as such in the past and any type of treatment that may have worked.

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I'm a 60 female with your same problem.  Although recently dark spots, age spots, or liver spots, added to my embarrassing condition.  My dermatologist recommended a prescription cream.that's labeled as potent, yet gentle, tissue-softner for skin or nails.  He told me to put the cream on clean hands nightly before bed, followed by Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and to protect it from coming off by wearing white cotton gloves. The cream is made by Hi-Tech Pharmacal.  It name is Urea Cream  (40% Urea) Rx Only.  It helped a somewhat.  It seemed to help more when I wore vinyl disposable gloves. The procedure must be done religiously, every night in order to work. Although I never had the skin I had desired, it was quite an improvement. Good luck :)
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Try glycerin containing cremes which work well on itchtyotic skin.
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