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Fever to a rash

Well one day i started getting very tired and feverish and went and layed down and slept for a few hours. I woke up and noticed little itchy bumps on the palm of my hand just raised not very dark in any abnormal color besides they looked like the had little pin holes and they were a little white twords the top. I went on with my day and noticed i started developing a rash up my forearm the rash was a consistant red raised blotchy sorta rash that itched very baddly and i got it later slightly on my check my upper inner arm and my upper inner thighs. It has been a few days and the rash has cleared up generally everywhere besides upper inner arm and upper inner thigh which it seems to clear up till it randomly flares up and becomes intensly itchy i have used anti itch cream just tonight and cant seem to match it exactly to any pictures of rashes on the net. You have any idea what this may be from or what it is i would apperciate your answer. Peace.
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It sounds like a Viral Rash. I get them EVERYTIME I am sick. It could be something serious so you should get it checked out, BUT I have nothing wrong with me and just get it when I get sick. It sucks and does itch but if it is the same thing {Viral Rash} it will go away about a week after you get better. Hot baths will SEVERELY irritate it more!!! Just do cool baths or showers and use lots of hydrocortizone cream on it. The worst thing about it is that it will get kind of rough and dry after it starts to heal. So like I said get it checked out, but it sounds excactly like what I have. Good luck.
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This may be a rash presented by an underlying bacterial or viral infection. Viral exanthems may be due to Ebstein Barr virus, enteroviruses, and measles. The rash of scarlet fever may be itchy and appear primarily in the chest and trunk.Drug allergies may present as rash.Another rash of unknown cause is pityriasis rosea which may involve the extremities and innner arms and thighs.

I suggest you seek consult with your internist or dermatologist. I have just given a run down of possible differentials that you may discuss with your physician. Most of these may be diferentiated from one another based on a complete physical examination.

keep us posted.Good Luck!
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