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Folliculitis/Herpes in pubic region! Which is it?

Yesterday I posted this --------------------------------


I had sex 2 nights ago, and around 9 hours after I noticed painful pimples on my pubic area, each pimple was under a hair, which makes me uncertain of whether it is HSV-2 or Folliculitis. They have not spread to other parts of my body, and have only appeared under my pubic hair. I also had the flu which I know is a symptom of herpes, but this may have been due to the fact that I had not slept and had spent the majority of the night outside in just a t-shirt (it was cold and rained). I also used a condom and am convinced that the pimples may have been due to the fact that her pubic hair was brittle, and had caused some sort of irritation. I have noticed my pubic area is sensitive to brittle pubic hair after shaving, and other discomforts. I would be more than grateful for some suggestions as to what this is, and possibly what to do in this situation. Feel free to ask questions if it would help, I can provide more details if necessary.

Thank you.


Update on that: It has been 3 days now, my fever has gone, and some of the pimples have grown almost 3 times as much, but still have not spread. I was almost certain that it could have been folliculitis, as it was very rough sex and I have seen quite a lot of posts where people have been in the exact situation as I am now, and have been convinced that it is not herpes. Is it likely that this could be folliculitis? And if so, what would you reccommend I do to help get rid of it, or at least suppress it?

Thank you for your time
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Update: i applied aloe vera, and sudacrem and throughout the day, and pressed a damp towel against the area. The boils drained and just look like holes where the hair follicles are. This has pretty much verified that this was some sort of folliculitis / carbuncle
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Difficult to answer without images. Googleing your terms and dermatology I found this article:

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