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Itching, burning in between fingers, no visible signs. Does anyone about this?


I have a burning, itching sensation in between each of fingers on both hands and I'm struggling to identify what is causing it.

I had same problem 6 months ago but much worse (it was summer 6 months ago and now it's middle of winter). I had the same swelling, burning and itching sensation but with heaps of clear tiny blisters on the side of my hands. Eventually it went away after multiple tries of different treatments. This time I have no blisters (well I think I can see one) but the itching and burning sensation is definitely there and its almost unbearbale. It's winter now and due to the gap in between time I can't identify what it could be set off from.

I don't have overtly sensitive skin, I don't have any allergies to food and I haven't changed my makeup/skin/diet/laundry power before both times of experiencing it. There is almost no evidence of it existing this time, my fingers aren't red, there's some swelling and stiffness due to the swelling but it is only recognisable to me because my rings won't fit. Night time is particularly bad.

I'm currently washing my hands with soap free hand wash, using Hope's Relief Premium Eczema Cream, Eumovate and Antiseptic Spray (with tea tree oil), Aveeno Oatmeal Moisturiser and an antihistamine. Any advice would be appreciated (even not what to do).

Appreciate it.
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Have you been around any chemicals of any type?  Like bleach or anything similar?  What type of soap free hand wash are you using?  Is it an antibacterial gel?  If so, I'd stop using that and just make sure anything you place on your hands doesn't have fragrance in it.  
Start there and see how it goes- it's worth a trip to the doctor to idetify it more accurately as well.  
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