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Bumps appearing for over 2 weeks, mainly on backs of hands

I have these papules on my hands, fingers, and wrists that started about 2 weeks ago. It possibly started or I noticed it after doing yard work, there was only 2 spots about 1 inch apart on my left wrist. Two days later I noticed after work many more on my left wrist and some on left hand. They never appear on the palms, just the back/sides of hands and fingers. When they start they are just more skin colored and then some turn pink or red and have wheal around them. They feel firm and seem to sometimes show up in clusters. It is on the right side too now, hands fingers, wrist that started a few days after. They itch a bit when I first get them but then no longer itch and look like very tiny scabs. Eventually, then there is just some discoloration where they were previously. Some are painful especially if bumped, and when I wash my hands now it is starting to hurt too. Some that show up even look like blisters. It seems like it is getting worse. I saw a PA and was told to use hydrocortisone. Then I saw my pcp who did a culture and thought it was chicken pox but was negative. Then I saw another provider who prescribed Prednisone which did not stop new ones from coming up but seemed to maybe make the new ones sorta more calm and not as painful. Maybe not though, it is hard to tell. I finished the 7 day course of Prednisone yesterday. Started on 60 mg for 3 days, then 40 mg for 2 days, lastly 20 mg for 2 days. I also have been applying mupriocin 3x day. These are terrible and seem like they come in clusters and look gross. It seems isolated to only my hands and wrist area but I have noticed a few pop up here and there but not to the extent of my hands. They seem to be worsening and changing. When it first started they I had no blisters. No one else in my family has it either. I have not been ill recently either.
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