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Itchy Lower Legs

I'm a 43 year old woman. The last few weeks, my lower legs itch like crazy. There's no rash, no bumps, no hives. I've used lotions including Sarna. Not much help. Nowhere else on my body itches. If it were due to allergies to, say, dryer sheets, wouldn't it be all over my body or at least in the most prone areas such as my under arm areas, thighs, stomach, etc.?

The only thing I've done different is began taking Theanine Serene with Relora to help with my anxiety disorder. I can't afford to see a psychiatrist and I definitely can't afford the rx they'd most likely prescribe. This is why I'm trying the alternative route. I looked up these alternative ingredients and found nothing on the net about anyone ever having side effects.

What's happening to me?
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Hi Ma'am,

How are you? The itching may be attributed to skin disorders, certain diseases, certain medications, dry skin, contact with irritants, fungal infection and the act of scratching can cause further itching. Systemic diseases that can cause itching include liver disease, kidney failure, lymphomas, leukemias and other blood disorders, and, occasionally, thyroid disease, diabetes, and cancer. Have this evaluated further to rule out  conditions mentioned.  Moisturizers and antihistamines may help provide relief.  

Take care and do keep us posted.
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Dr. Santos,
Thank you so much for your guidance. I will make an appointment to see my doctor right away to, hopefully, rule out anything serious.
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What did you find out?  Did you solve the problem?  I'm also 43, probably pre-menopausal, and having the same problem!  I read somewhere that inactive runners sometimes experience this and that it disappears when fitness level is improved.  I started the Couch to 5K program about 7 weeks ago and this is when I began to notice the problem.  It's only on my calves and shins but it drives me crazy--not just when I run but at various times throughout the day and night.  I'd love to know what you found out and how you're doing.
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