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Persistent itch under callus on foot

Years ago, I had a plantar's wart on the side of my foot. It didn't give me too much trouble other than it was itchy. I'd had a couple of these things in the past, and I had them frozen off without issue. I mentioned this one to my doctor during a visit, and he recommended that I use duct tape occlusion to get rid of it, which I did, and it went away, but the itching stayed.
It's just a minor nuisance so I never really did anything about it. I mentioned the itching to the same doctor a couple of years later. He examined my foot (which was sweaty at the time, I have anxiety issues which make my hands and feet sweat sometimes, this being one of those times) and said it was due to my feet being sweaty. I mentioned that it was the same spot where I'd had the plantar's wart in the past and he seemed to just dismiss that. He said I should buy quick drying socks, which I did in spite of not thinking it would help, and it did not help.
So I am still just dealing with this itch. I never notice it while I'm at work or otherwise keeping busy, it is just when I'm at home sitting / relaxing, usually barefoot or wearing socks. The itch is under a thick callus (which I do not have on the opposite foot, and I did not have before getting that wart) and I've gone so far as to remove the callus with a knife so that I could scratch the itch, which worked, but I stopped doing that because the doctor said I shouldn't, even though it didn't hurt... but the callus always comes back.
I'm reluctant to ask the doctor again, as this is just one of several issues that he has been very dismissive of, and I felt he may have misdiagnosed.
Any thoughts? Thanks!
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i would rule out a foreign body in there by soaking your foot in hot water and tons of salt.  a long soak.
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Hello, thanks for your question! Sorry about the itch. I've suffered this myself and it is bothersome, so I understand. General doctors are sometimes not the best to diagnose skin conditions. Especially when at an appointment like a physical when they are going over many things. I'd suggest you see a dermatologist. Psoriasis and eczema are two conditions that can cause this. And you'd find the itch under a dry patch. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324473  You can use this link to copy and paste and read about that. But that would make me wonder if you have any other itching areas or patches on your body. One kind of 'out there' but not impossible reason for this isolated itch though could be damage on the tip of a nerve, perhaps that occurred during the removal of the wart. Again, I'd see a dermatologist to discuss.  Go from there.
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