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Itchy bumps on palms

Hi everyone,

I've been reading the forum threads - very helpful - but no one has noted my exact problem, which is itchy bumps on the palms of my hands. Not red, or white, they seem to come from within.  My Dr. said they are probably not bites, as insects do not break the skin of the palms (too thick), and thinks it might be an allergy (to WHAT???).

He gave me some corticosteroid cream (this one has Fluocinonide), but it hasn't helped much yet (have used it for a little over a day). I soaked my hands in vinegar (!) for about 10 minutes and that alleviated the itching somewhat, but getting up at 4:30 in the morning b/c your palms itch is still not my idea of fun...


Thank you,
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Itchy palms could be due to fungal or bacterial infections, diseases such as diabetes, vitamin toxicity and allergic reactions among other things. It is important to visit your allergy doctor to test which substance could be causing your allergies. Are there other signs or symptoms present?  In particular, perniosis could be the cause and it can be due to poor circulation and an allergic response to the cold. They are often painful and extremely itchy and may appear on your toes and fingers or your palms. It is usually aggravated by little personal physical exercise, lack of adequate sleep , imbalanced diet, or exposure to sudden cold. If this is not the case, and the corticosteroid cream does not help,  it would be best to see your doctor for further evaluation and management.  Take care and keep us posted.
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Hi, Thank you!

I looked up "perniosis", and it seems to have to do with cold weather, but I am in summer right now. I will continue using the cream and try to be patient (???) - I have an appt. with my  Dr. for 2 weeks from now, but yesterday I noted that I also have these little bumps right under my fingernails on 6 of my fingers (middle, ring, pinky), so I want them to look at that too. Thank you again for your response - this system of correspondence is wonderful!
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Hi there....I have the same condition.  It is called Palmoplanter psorriasis and effects the soles of the feet and palms of the hands.  You get clear looking bumps under the skin that may burst sometimes, and you get scaly peeling skin.  Causes are stress, smoking, and sometimes an allergy to nickel.  There is no cure, except for easing the symptoms. I have been using Aquaphur ointment by neutragen(I believe) and rub in on my hands at night and use white cotton gloves to sleep.  It does help to keep my hands from cracking which is painful.  They have also said that quitting smoking does not remedy the problem.  Wish you much luck.  I have been fortunate that my feet are not affected.  
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Hello, my twin sis and I have had (since 3yrs old), these sort of little tiny lumps or bumps on the palm/thumb side  of our hands and sole (only in arch) of our feet. When younger, they appeared to only be freckles. Now that we're older, they seem thicker and harder...like minature calluses peering right under the top surface of the skin.

Doctors can't tell me what it is. They aren't painful. When I wasn in grade school, I would occassionally dig them out of my palm with my nails or safety pin.  

We don't smoke, drink... alcohol or drugs...ever, and I don't know how to make them go away.

Have you ever heard of it?
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