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Itchy hard bumps in Ear

Hello.  A few months back my left ear started itching on the top ridge and back of ear.  At first it was minor itching, then it became horribly itchy and I noticed there were hard lumps IN my ear.  You cannot even see them, you can only feel them, they are like bb's and they are in the back of my ear and on the ridge.  I also noticed over time that my left ear was always HOT.  And another problem is that despite how itchy it is, it HURTS if i scrach even a little hard.  I attributed this to sleeping on that side and tucking my hair behind my ear.  When I found a lump right behind my ear lope but on my neck, that was large and visible, I became worried and went to the doc.  The day before my appoint, poof my ear was completely back to normal.  Doc couldnt tell anything said might have been a severe ear infection and come back if it returns.  Just over a week later it returned, super itchy, hot and lumpy, including lump behind the lobe.  So I got to to doc, she said yea the lump behind the ear is lymp nod and fighting it off.  She also told me that if it was cancer or anything bad my other lymph nods  would be flared up.  She gave me steroid cream and told me to use it twice a day.  I did that for about 3 weeks, everything was normal and bam! Another 3 weeks later and its all back.  Im at a loss I don’t know what to do, I want to rip my ear off at times.  This is driving me crazy.  I am writing hear b/c the doctor had suggest I might have to see a dermatologist.
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Sebaceous cysts are the most common cysts seen in the ear. They are bulging, sac-like collections of dead skin cells and oils produced by oil glands in the skin.
They commonly occur behind the ear, within the ear canal, or on the scalp. The exact cause is unknown, but cysts may occur when there is an excess of oil produced in a skin gland.  If the cysts within the ear canal get infected, they are extremely painful. Exostoses and osteomas, on the other hand, are benign bony tumors of the ear canal These may grow large enough to block the ear canal, trap wax in the canal, and interfere with hearing.

Are there signs or symptoms present? If a cyst becomes painful, it may be infected. Treatment may include antibiotics or removal of the cyst. It would be best to have it evaluated by an ear specialist also to rule out other causes. A complete medical history and physical examination is needed to reach a diagnosis.

Take care and keep us posted.
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Lets see, the hard "balls" are actually on the top ridge and back of the upper ear, not behind the ear (meaning not on my head).  However, for a very long time I have had severe itching on my head, but that usually is taken care of if i use dandruff shampoo.  The medicated kind, I cant think of the name.  I have no problems with my hearing, but I do have naturally oily hair but the rest of my skin is pretty dry most of the time.  Its driving me mad.  It starts itching i have to scratch very softly because if i actually scratch it like i want to it hurts like hell.  I really dont think this cream works because the first time i had the problem it went away on its own after a few weeks only to return a week later, then i was given the cream, after about 3 weeks it went away only to return about 2 weeks later.  So i dont think the cream actually does much.  I do however think the cream is messing up my menstral cycle.  I am on seasonale and when I was using the cream I began my period when I shouldnt have gotten it, and i've had it going on 4 weeks now.  Doctor gave me antibiotic for it because he bleieve i had a slight infection from the pill.  I honestly think the cream was causing a reaction.  I dont want to use it now, but i want the bumps/itching/pain to go away.  If i go back to the doc im sure she wont do much else.
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I was looking for answers about this bump inside my ear. I found a conversation you had had about sebasceous cysts... I think these are the things in my ears, but I'm not sure. They are hard, kinda like a pimple, they don't itch, when they pop a yellowish bloody goop pours out, and I did have one in my ear canal. I didn't know about the one in my ear canal untill I accidentily popped it with a Q-tip. I have only had them for a couple of days. Please help me.-Clay Evans
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help i have a bump on my aer thats not read but has magit shaped like bump in it. and it itches, my family has had a lot of tick bites mabey its the cause. but this thing just poped up over night... and my uncle ahs them too on his ear.... help pls
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hsv in the ear i know it sounds crazy but i used to get dry itching ears otitis externa then i got otitis media middle ear infection, about 2 yrs ago i was diagnosed with having hsv2 and i belive i cross infected this virus into my ear, as i used to dampen cotton buds with saliva and place in my ear to take itching away.
However didnt realise i had hsv in my throat, the problem occurs just before my period i get serious itching then bumps forming like a pimple that if i dont burst cause me serious pain. They come back every month so far its driving me nuts...
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