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Light and Itchy perianal skin

I work out 4 times a week so i sweat a lot. But 4 months ago, it started itching down there especially around my perianal area! When i got concerned i check my perianal area and saw that the skin are lighter than normal. I've used miconazole thinking it might be a jock itch but nothing happened. Then i read something about tropical hydrocortisone and still nothing happened so then i decided to see a gynecologist. She said I might have a fungal infection so she gave me Fluconazole 150mg one doze and said to come back if it doesn't go away to have biopsy for vitiligo. Waited for 15 days but the skin was still the same I only  had white discharge. The itching was slightly cured by the fluconazole so i think it might really be a fungal infection. Another gynecologist gave me an oral medicine ( I forgot the name) but i'm sure it wasn't Fluconazole then I had white creamy discharge again. After taking that medicine the itching was completely gone! But the skin is still light and no improvement.

Please note that I only had white creamy discharge when I took those Oral fungal medicine.

It has been like 2 months since i took all those prescriptions up there. Skin is still the same but no more itching on my perianal area so i decided to see my Dermatologist. I let her see the photos i took since it all started and she also check it out herself. I asked her if it's vitiligo and she said, "it's not that light to be a vitiligo besides you have hair on those light area too, it must be caused by a fungal infection and because of those creams you put - especially the hydrocortisone-" she said. She suggested that i put Econazole nitrate - anti- fungal / anti-inflammatory - twice a day , use this soap called Psorilin, take Biotin 3x a day for hair recovery due to my frequent brazilian waxing which i started doing the same time i experienced this lightening and itching... skin still the same but I can see it's not dry anymore, and i'm not sure if it gets a little better or still the same.

Anyway I went to see her again 2 days ago, she said I'm having 'Hypopigmentation' she recommend spot corrector for the dark spots around the light skin. and an oral glutathione to bring my skin tone even again. I asked her if it's psoriasis she said a big and loud NO! (i saw on google something about inverse psoriasis, it kinda look like that, only mine is kinda white skin not pinkish or red)

My concern now is, is she right it's not vitiligo? photo link below.
2nd is, is it not psoriasis?
3rd is, is it really just hypopigmentation and that should I still consider having biopsy?
last is, I'm a virgin so I don't think it's yeast or anything related to sex disease.

I would very much appreciate your help. I'm too busy to worry but I can't stop thinking about it. When it comes to health i get very paranoid which lead me to do research more on the internet than consult a doctor. Thanks very much in advance.


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