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Lip Irritation

Hey, Ive had chapped lips before, even some severe cases, but this is different.  My lower lip is just chapped, but my upper lip is something different.  It burns and tingles and if you look closely you can see tiny tiny bumps.  There are also two large orange (slightly orange, hard to notice) splotches on the upper lip.  Ive searched online and cant find anything like what I have.
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Do you apply anything on your lips?

Do you lick your lips often or bite on it?

What you are having may be a sign of inflammation. One thing to consider here is an infection.Chapped lips may actually be infected as the lips do have slight injuries that may encourage organisms to infect the area.

Refrain from applying anything on your lips.Have this checked by your primary physician as this may be an infection (bacterial ).You may need topical medications for this. Avoid smoking, licking you lips too often, or using an abrasive toothpaste( especially those with high fluoride content).

Discuss this with your physician .
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I have been having similar issues with my lips.

They have been very chapped for about two weeks. It seems like there is a red ring on the edge of my lips while the padded area has small bumps all over it, and they are swollen. The small creases on my lips look like huge crevasses! I have used Burt's Beeswax, Carmex and now on Blistex to try to fix the problem.

Now I have started to get small cracks in the corners of my mouth as well. No odor. No puss. No discoloration. It seems to be worse at night.

I have discontinued using my fan at night, the Blistex is medicated AND spf 15, I stay out of the sun, I do not lick my lips. This is ridiculous. I have always prided myself on soft, healthy skin and lips. WHAT IS GOING ON??
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A couple of days ago I woke up and my lips were puffy, dry and pink. There is also a slight burning sensation. I ve had problems with chapped lips, but I use chapstick and I also do wear lipstick with moisturizers. My chapped lips are not severe, and I don't lick my lips.  I'm just wondering what might be the problem.
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