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Nipple Irritation


I'm 23 years old and female. On my right nipple (since February of 2008 and since joining a gym) I've experienced EXTREME itchiness. I wasn't hygenic and hardly cleaned my sports bra and didn't shower right away either. At first, it occurred every now and then. The past two months or so, it's become unbearably itchy, especially when i first wake up and then spontaneously throughout the day. In these past two months it has also started peeling and developed a dryness. When I wake up in the morning it's the worst. I have already went to a breast doctor for this and there's no lumps or anything in my breasts and he didn't think there was much I could do. I've tried lotion, bacitratine and lotrimin, the anti-fungal cream and nothing makes it go away. It might stop it for a little while but I just want this to go away. My other nipple, just recently, like a week ago started itching as well but not as badly and no dryness or peeling. Could it be fungal, an infection or eczema?
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Hi, It could be an allergy or an eczema.Allergic reactions to the material of the sports bra or to the chafing action of the material.

Alternatively it could be extremely dry skin which is causing this itching and peeling of the skin.

You can stop the anti-fungals and instead use emollients which are moistening agents which can trap moisture in skin. Light emollients like aqueous cream can be tried.
Also avoid using soap on the area as it tends to dry the skin even more.

You can take non-sedating anti-histamines for the relief from itching and also apply menthol/camphor based creams/oils on the skin to soothe the itch.Y this will also help in alleviating the dryness.

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WATCH OUT! you shoulc check up paget's diseas of the nipple it's a new type of breast cancer that involves itchy nipples and rashes check it up on google!
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