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Open pore on nose - how could i improve it?

dear doc,
well, i had (about 6months ago) a massive blind pimple on my nose. and regrettably, i squeezed it until it popped. the pimple did eventually go away after that, except i was left with this extremely large open pore on my nose. and i have heard the at you can't "permanently" close open pores...but is there any way to help the situation? because, 6 months down the track (now), its still there, it hasnt closed up, and although it IS less visible, there is still so much redness around it that you can see it from metres away! please, i am in desperate need of help. by the way, i have also been using "Neutrogena Pore refining cleanser" which has helped slightly, but as i said, it is still really visible.
thank you!!
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Open pores are as difficult to treat as severe, treatment-resistant acne.
The preferred preventive and ongoing treatment for open pores in all skin types and conditions is azelaic acid, the highest concentration of which (20%) is found in MD Rx Higher Strength Azelaic Acid. The next highest concentration is available in Jan Marini Bioclear Cream and Lotion, albeit at only 1%. No other alternative sources currently exist. http://www.treatment-skincare.com/Open-Pores.html
Facials and scrubs are just an eyewash as because they address neither inflammation nor the clumping of cells within follicles which produce the aesthetic problem in the open pores.
I feel that you should consult a dermatologist and discuss the option of Azelaic acid with him.
Hope this information was useful.In case you have any additional doubts,pls keep me posted.

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Dear Doc.
I'm 32 years old sri lankan. I have open pores on my cheecks (right below eyes) and forehead. They appear very large after a sleep. I used to have oily skin but now it's dry. But I can't apply any cream on the face because it makes the pores bigger and bigger, like holes.

If I sleep with a night cream or without washing face the following morning my pores open like the skin of a ripe orange. But there's no black head or anything visible inside.

I'm a vegetarian and don't eat junk food. Would Apple cider vinegar help this? I'm going to try Azelaic acid. But Im scared whether it would worsen the dryness of my skin. Please advice me.
(I have Keratosis Pilaris on my hands)
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I had a few ice pick/box acne scars.  It is very dangerous, but the best method for me was 99.9% dichloroacetic acid or 100% tricloroacetic acid!  IT WORKED!!!!  Instead of going to a medspa where they charge $100 per "hole", I bought the acid online.  The chemical company only ships to businesses, so I had then ship to my husbands work.  It's dangerous because if the acid goes outside of the area or if you leave it on too long it may scar.  (Don't do it after having even ONE glass of wine!! ;))  Anyhow, first, I made acne hole slightly bigger by putting a dry toothpick in hole to make room for error and deeper penetration. Afterwards, soak the thin toothpick in the acid then place tip inside the acne hole for only a few seconds. Immediately neutralize with baking soda and water!  It should "frost", turn white and your hole will appear larger. Put Aquaphor over it.  It will scab and fall off in about 5 days. Do NOT pick scab or it will make worse.  The next day or during the healing process there may be a little sebum that comes out.  I squeezed it out, but do not dislodge scab.  Put Aquaphor on scab to keep moist and keep from flaking off too early.  You will see a dramatic difference after first treatment.  I can't believe my big acne hole is gone!!  You may need to treat hole more than once.  Experiment with one hole first.  DOn't do too many as it's not attractive during healing.  It really works!!   One other option: I had a dermatology surgeon cut and suture.  One pit worked great and the other was worse.  
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