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Penis Bumps and Penis Pain.

Last week Sunday I had a painful ejaculation, I assumed that it was because I had been to rough or that I had been masturbating to much. The pain is like a burning feeling, a sting at the end of my penis when uranaiting or ejaculating. I decided that I should stop masturbating until the pain stops. Its been about a week and the its getting slightly less painful. I was just wondering if i should be worried about this or not. I do remember when I was young I had a smiler pain, that disappeard after a week or so, though I was sure at the time that was something to do with soap. I'm not allergic to anything (that i know of). I would just like a second opinion on this.

Onto my main concern, yesterday I noticed small (ball point end of pen sized) lumps on my penis, they go in a little at the top, sort of like a very small raised creator. They are red but look darker on top, I think the darkness on the top of the lumps are small scabs where its healing. There are two half way down my penis. One on the side, another a little more to the side which is right on top of a capillary or vain or what ever it is. There are two more just below the end of my penis (still on the skin, not the end) they are very close together. They do not itch or sting unless messed with. I have not had sex. My girl friend had been giving me head (don't know the technical name) until about 2-3 weeks ago. So I don't think they are STI related. Though a second opinion would be helpful.

Any help or advise very much apretiated.

(Apologies for my poor spelling and grammar, English is not my strong point)
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Thank you very much. I have checked over all that you have said researched them. I dont belive what i have is to cause cocern, i dont feel and disscomfort with the lumps nor do they itch. I think they are starting to heal up, if they dont or if they reapear i will get an appointment.

It has just about stopped hurting when i urinate, i think that was a reaction to a differnt brand of soap i used when i was on holiday.

Thanks again.
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Without external examination it is very difficult to confirm a diagnosis,but the various possibilities for your symptoms of penile lumps are folliculitis(might only be felt as small lumps in the skin commonly with a hair arising from centre) , pearly penile papules(multiple, small (about 1-3mm) papules running around the circumference of the crown of the glans penis) , Fordyce spots (small (1-5mm) bright red or purple papules that can appear on the penis and usually effect younger men), sweat dermatitis or contact dermatitis(appear as red small lumps with itching or burning)  or balanitis(due to an underlying infection (bacterial and fungal as well as other organisms).

The burning sensation that you had can be due to underlying urinary tract infection.Drink plenty of fluids and check out if the burning sensation comes again.If yes,then you may need complete urine examination and a course of antibiotics from a physician.Reagrding the penile lumps, you should keep the area clean, wear lose comfortable clothes to avoid sweating, use a powder to keep the area dry  and use calamine lotion at the sites. Oral antihistamine medications would help if the lesions are itchy.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.

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