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Rash After Sun Exposure


Just recently it appears that when my 2 year old is exposed to sunlight (hot days) even after applying sun cream she gets a red rash on either one or both of her cheeks, its can be slightly raised at times.   Also last week she came out in a circular raised bump on one of her cheeks, it resembled the look of ring worm, red circle paler in middle.  She did complain that it was itchy and sore.   It seems to fade one minute then come back the next.  It does fade when she is cooler in temperature though and flares up when hot.  She suffers with excema and sensitive skin anyway but this is starting to worry me now.

I would be very grateful if anyone who has similar symptoms could offer any advice??  I did a search on internet and it mentioned lupus, i am really panicking.


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I now you are concerned about this. Your child is only two years old with a history of atopy or allergies. I would think that this may be a photosensitivity reaction. Just keep your child out from the sun as much as possible. Observe if the rash persists only when there is sun exposure. Other triggers such as food, dust and change in temperatures may cause this. If rash is present in other parts of the body, then we have to consider sweat rash.

Any history of flu or cough?
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No history of flu or cough, why what were you thinking?.  

Certain foods do trigger her excema, etc, but only sun/heat exposure has resulted in the above said rash, otherwise she is a healthy 2 year old full of energy, rarely ill with colds etc.  

I did think she would just be senstive to the sun as she is very fair and has sensitive skin but i cant help thinking maybe there is an underlying issue, my thoughts have got carried away this weekend.  I just keep thinking the worst.   When she was born she had a shoulder dystocia, collapsed lung, and seizures shortly after the birth due to the stress and we nearly lost her so the thought of her being really ill scares me senseless.

What would you suggest i do? I have explained my fears to GP but they just say its because she has sensitive skin, the last thing i want is to not be taken seriously and for something to be missed.  

Thanks for your response.

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