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Rash's and cold weather/hot house

Hello. The past couple days have been really cold here in California. I have had my heater way up in the house like @ 75, we also have crappy water here in san jose its really hard... Could these things lead to a rash? I have a small, itchy rash on hands mostly between the fingers and by the wrist, and then on my feet by the toes... I want to know where this is coming from, because I have been testing for HIV lately and have finally accepted my negative status but this rash freaks me out a bit. Also, i have like a fat cut/ulcer in the middle of lip because my lips are so dry and it cracked and bled and now its covered over kinda looks like a small ulcer is that normal??
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any body have any idea??
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you stated that you have been testing for hiv.
so basicly going to a public place where other sick people go to.
you might have caught scabies. they like to burrow into the skin between the fingers.
nice warm places. and scabies is very easy to catch and spread.
iv had them once. i got them from managing a motel while doing the dirty laundy and then it spread to my whole family. the cold sore might be just that a cold sore or just dry cracked skin from the cold air. so when you see your doc have him/her check you for scabies. its a real easy test. i would say dont scratch but i know thats not so easy.
i think lindane is what we used on them that finelly worked. i also had chicken pox at the same time says doc. we also took an alergy med at the same time. it kills them from the inside while the lindane killed them from the out side. if you do have scabies. make sure you clean your entire home from top to bottom and place plastic under your sheet befor you sleep on your bed. they can live in your matress for a short time and reinfect you every time you lay down. everything must be treated. i sprayed bug spray on everything befor and after i would sit on it. i would cover the couch and reclyners with plastic befor i would use them. i was very desperate. i had those darn things for over a month. i got very little sleep. so good luck.
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that's interesting and a possibility. But after i have done some research I don't think that scabies is what is going on here. thanks though, any one else? I think this more a related issue to weather, the palms of my hand itch the most
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can any one help???? please!!!
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I cant help with the toes and hands but i have had the same problem with my lip. I had a sore in the center of mt lip for 4 mths that wouldn't go away, i was petrified that it was cancer cause i smoke. Come to find out i was allergic to chap-stick ans when i would apply it to my dry lips trying to heal them i was actually making them swell and split, and to be honest i didnt even know my lips were swollen, it didnt even look like it, but they were and thats why the sore couldn't heal. Use aquaphore on your lips instead, it worked for me, the sore was gone in 5 days!!! Good luck;)
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P.S Really cold is 15 degrees in new york lmao:)
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haha, thanks bulldog!! and 15 degress is so cold omg!!! its been in the 50's lately and it's like the worst thing ever lol!!
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