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Red mark near lip


For a little over 3 weeks now Ihave had what looked like a red mark about a half inch away from my right lip. I did not think much of it at first. It looks like the skin is just red. It is very small, maybe 1 cm round. I can see the hair follicles inside of it and they are still normal color. In the last two days I have noticed that it is slightly raised. It does not hurt, It does not burn, It does not itch. When I press on it, the skin turns white, but the center appears to be brownish. I believe I have had something liek this before, from what I remember, it eventually dried and the skin peeled off. I just don't remember having it for over 3 weeks.

I have tried to google and see what I could find. Of course STDs' came up. The last time I had sex I did have it, if not, it literally appeared within an hour. I have been screened for STDs' and they have all come back negative.

Like I said, it does not hurt, burn, itch or anything. When I press on it, the skin turns white and the center looks like it turns brownish. I am not sure what it is and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried to take a picture, but that are not very clear.
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Hi and welcome. if you can see hair in it, i would think its a simple ingrown hair. The folicle below the hair has a small infection.
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Hi, I can see the bump where the hair is. I do not see the hair though, I do shave that area so I thought it might just be some sort of ingrown hair, but like I said, it has been there for quite a few weeks...If it is some type of infection, is there anything that might help clear it up?
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Im not a doctor but only speak from experience. When i get these i  put clean it with some anti bac soap and rub some rubbing achol on it that put some antibiotic cream. Shaving is not helping it heal. Maybe some 1% cortizone cream to help the inflamation settle down
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I'll try some of the cream and rubbing alcohol. I am just concerned because it has been there so long. It looks nothing like any pictures of cold sores or anything else I have seen while looking online.
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If your concerned it is always best to see a doctor just to make sure your in good health
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Life360, I put a swab or peroxide on it a few times and I don't have any alcohol, but I did have Stridex cleansing pads and I used them a few times and I did put some cortizone cream on it, not sure what percent and it seems to be going away a little bit. It has only been 2 days thoughs...
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I had an appointment with my Primary Care doctor. I asked him about the red spot next to my lip. He took a min or two and looked at it and said it was Angular Cheilitis...I guess it is some type of bacterial or fungal infection he said. I was prescribed a nitrate cream to use on it...Has anyone else had something like this? I looked it up online and the mark is not on my lip, just abve it in the corner. It seemed like all the pictures were dry and cracked skin in the corner of the mouth...
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